Things We Love: Fur Throws

January is a month made for fire and fur. Whether it’s a real hide or a fabulous faux, a fur throw not only keeps you warm but also makes a statement. If we had this outdoor sitting are designed by Laurence Pasquier, we’d want to use it all year round, freezing or not. A fire pit and a little fur make that possible. 
This bed, featured on Vintage Home, looks like the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold night.

La Maison Fou
Kate Walsh’s Bedroom
Douglas Friedman Photography
I have to admit, I have never seen a fur hammock like this one from Design Traveller.
I have a throw just like this one featured on the Decorista on a guest bed!
A Life’s Design

We love the fur throw on this Louis Upholstered Bed from Sueno!

Design Traveller
Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
Vintage Home
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  1. Thanks so much for visiting our little cottage! Wow – these photos are stunning!! I would love any one of those bedrooms! Have a wonderful week,


  2. I just love fur throws – faux or real!! I almost bought one this fall but when I finally went to pull the trigger, they were sold out! It’s still on the list. Beautiful examples!!

  3. We have one that we bought from Overstock and the whole family fights over it all the time! I guess I’m going to have to buy a few more.

  4. Oh, gosh, there’s nothing more luxurious! A fur throw would be so fitting for a snowy day like today.

  5. I love fur throws. I have a couple, but my favorite is an orange one that i purchased from Z- Gallerie over a year ago. The ones you featured look so cozy!

  6. Kate Walsh’s bedroom is something I could cozy up to real quick!! LOVE that :) XO

  7. I need a fur throw in my bedroom — not only would it look great, it would keep me warm. It is snowing buckets in the Northeast again today. I just want to dive under the covers. It would be so much nicer if that included a little fur, faux or not!

  8. Thank you so much for coming by and following. I love this post, its soooo luxe and fabulous, you keep me coming back for more.

    Love Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  9. Very chic! I love every space here.

    ps: thank you for visiting my blog. I really love yours and I had to become a follower!

  10. nice collection of beautiful fur throws… and yes, we do love them…
    have a great evening…

  11. I had a cream fur throw that I got rid of (EGADS!) because it just seemed to have gotten a little too loved … and lately I’ve been hating that I don’t have it! Must find another!

  12. I have a faux fur I love to snuggle up with to read.

    Would love to have a larger one for a bed cover!

    Beautiful examples!!

  13. hi love the 4th one from design traveller fay x

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  15. That fur hammock takes the cake!…Really pretty pictures…I’m glad that you visited me…because now I have your place…following now…k

  16. Last count we have 13 faux fur or fleece throws scattered around the house, plus my grandmother’s vintage fur stole, which cozies up a chair. Our fave, though, is a $19.99 black faux fur from Target–absolutely the warmest thing ever.

  17. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by (Achados de Decoracao). I´ll be always welcome!!

    kisses and hugs from Sao Paulo – Brazil

  18. What a great statement for Jan with all this snow. Fire and fire.Thinking of a fire pit wrapped in a fur.Burr but cozy.

  19. Great post! I am in love with fur throws! I have 3 of them at home! One in the living room and the other 2 in the bedrooms! So cozy!
    PS Thank you for stopping by today!!!

  20. This is all so beautiful and it’s freezing here in Boston, (another snow storm), so curling up w/ a fur throw sounds divine! xo

  21. Oh my, such lovely furry glory!
    I’m unabashedly obsessed with all things fur 😉

  22. I love your pictures!

    If you like, check out my blog:

  23. Love fur throws! Got one for Christmas and my pup and I love to snuggle up in it. These are gorgeous images. Wouldn’t that hammock be fun?

  24. Thank you so much for your lovely comment;)
    You have a nice place here too!!!
    Lovely greetings from Germany…

  25. I follow you and if you wanna, you can follow me too 😉

  26. Hello my favorite girls!

    I want and need that fur hammock! I love hammocks! They’re so comfy! :-)

    Gorgeous post!


    Luciane at

    Post of the day: Tracery Interiors

  27. Your guest bedroom sounds luxurious with the white fur! Lovely.
    Mary Ann

  28. I’m loving the white and white the best! We have a faux shearling throw and it’s perfect on the couch!

  29. Faux fur for me, although I must admit I do like sheepskin and have 2 on my chairs right now. They are perfect to put on your legs while perusing a magazine! And wow that fur hammock is wild…I imagine taking an afternoon snooze on a mildly chilly Autumn day after reading a favorite book, could someone please get me a cup of tea as well…yes green with a dash of honey and it better be hot ;)! Great post…I’m feelin’ warm just thinking about wrapping myself in one of them!

  30. They add a bit of luxury to any space.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  31. Loving this luxury and the interiors! Thanks for dropping by and I am following you …. beautiful blog! Also, love the mirrors and the French beds!
    best wishes

  32. Stunning! Can’t get my mind off of the fur hammock, with the HUGE letter in the background!!

  33. I love, love, love fur throws. Well, faux fur… They’re so soft and snuggly and warm and cosy. Perfect.


  34. Agree, fur throws(only fake ones though!) are good looking and cozy, cozy!
    Love the pic of the barcelona daybed as well as most of the other fabolous ones:)!
    Happy weekend!

  35. I love every image (and fur throws – though faux for me). Happy weekend! xx

  36. fur throws looks always so cozy. lovely images! have a wonderful weekend!

  37. Hi! That fur hammock just sent me over the edge-omg…it’s great to discover your pretty space! xo

  38. Luxurious, dreamy, and should be a necessity for any space. :) I had a great time dreaming of curling up with them all. xo

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