Make Room for Multiples…


Emily Followill Photographer via Veranda


Coastal Living
Casa Tres Chic
are so happy


Birch and Lily
Desire To Inspire
Douglas Friedman Photography



Jean Allsopp Photographer via Coastal Living


Cindy E. Barganier Interiors


Little Moth
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  1. What a post! And what rooms! Imagine being a child in one of thoe households. I find myself staring at the third image with the large beds and the black wall lamps. Amazing. And the one below with the captain windows between the alcoves. “Good morning sister”! I can just see a happy little face peeking through the window at 5 am in the morning!

    Happy weekend ladies.

    ox, Mon

  2. I love the first room… it is close to perfect!!! and funny… a year ago I may not have thought of myself as someone who liked florals.. [ie curtains] nor beige… but I find myself attracted to this exact look more and more… and stripes.. Somewhere I have a pic of a fabulous beach house here in Sydney and they have one roomed decked out with bunk beads and blue & white stripes… so clean and fresh..

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Oh my…I can’t even imagine having multiples, but if by some miraculous luck I happen to get pregnant with multiples, then I know where to refer to for bedroom inspirations! Wow, my almost ten year old son would be in for a real, hmmm shall I say, surprise! Great post and super fun images. Have a wonderful weekend ladies and thanks for the comment on my post today! xx Danielle

  4. I love that first room – simple and elegant.
    And the multiple rooms are just great, full of fun and creativity! Thanks for sharing.

  5. OMG … loving that room with the elepants and monkey! The green and white is gorgeous!
    best wishes

  6. Such clever rooms. They all look like such fun! Fiona

  7. Love rooms like these. Oh, to be a child spending time with siblings, cousins or friends in one of these!

  8. I adore all these images. We have four children and I’d love to have some of these dormitory-type rooms…..or do you think there’d be too much chatting at night?!


  9. These are some great images. Would be a very fun project to work on. I have to say that I’m just glad it’s not at my house right now. Ha! Have a great weekend. Mona

  10. Everything here is so beautiful. I love the spring colors!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Hi..Congratulations….I have just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award for having such a fabulous blog…to find out more about this award, check in with my latest blog post…

  12. The last photo is too precious!!

  13. Fun post!! That first one is such a fabulous elegant solution! And so many in the rest would be great for vacation houses where there are frequently many kids bunking in together!

  14. I love those multiples solutions…Each of them are perfect to me. Such a great way to organize a small space:) Wish you a relaxing Sunday
    Kisses, my dear

  15. All the rooms here are adorable! My fave is the 3rd.

  16. Loving every room inyour post,what a wonderful inspiration.

  17. Wow! Again, wow! I am saving this post forever and ever. Such great inspirations for when we have a little one.

  18. What a genius post! Although i only have one child, these rooms are such great inspiration for when we expand the family more:-). Fabulous!! Love them all too. XX

  19. Every single room is fun, beautiful and many are very smart, like the last one! How gorgeous is that? I must say that I’d go nuts with this many kids! In one bedroom, but can you imagine how many wonderful memories are created in spaces like that?

    Have a blessed week, girls!


    Luciane at

    Post Of The Day: Well Designed Kichens.

  20. As a mom of multiples, I would have loved having one of these rooms!

  21. Love this post! Those bedrooms are awesome and such fun spaces for children to grow up in!
    xo Atelier Turner

  22. Oh, there’s nothing cuter for a child’s room than a pair of twin beds. Perfect design and practical for sleepovers! :)

  23. Hi again Love the last two in particular the pink and green is delicious and imagine the fun of being in the top swinging beds LOVELY fay xx

  24. my babies would love a space like this, especially if bunk beds were involved.

  25. THESE ARE TRULY MAGNIFICENT ROOMS DEAREST! And, thank you for your kind words today! We are in the middle of moving our furniture into our new rooms and it is so fun. These pics are giving me ideas!!!! Anita

  26. Just what I was looking for…Doing a sleeping loft in my guesthouse in Sweden. Basically the top floor will be a bunch if beds for kids. This gave me lots of ideas!

  27. Great soulutions for those familys whom are struggling with a lack of space! Also great inspiration for planning a guesthouse.
    Love them all!
    Thank you for stopping by so often, always leaving such nice and sweet comments. I´m so grateful having you around:)!
    Happy new week!

  28. Love the last pic! A great post with lots of ideas!

  29. One day I’ll have a bunch of kids and will look back on this post for inspiration! 😀

    P.S: I’m having a cool designer dress giveaway… interested? 😉

  30. makes me think of Madeline…and all those charming beds lined up….

  31. Loving the rope tied bunks!!!

  32. Love that first space. Clever and beautiful!

  33. Such beautiful inspiration! Thx for visiting and I’m so glad to have found your blog too!

  34. Those designs look adorable. I am sure my sons will love that “Bumper Crop” setting. This just gave me some nice ideas.

  35. These are perfect home home designs. I like the idea of using light colors. It’s very pleasant to the eyes. I would love to stay in a house that looks like that. I like the Coastal Living design. It’s lovely and clever.

  36. I juts love the The Bumper Crop idea for a bedroom. It looks very unique and compelling. I will surely take note of that as my new bedroom inspiration.

  37. These are great bedroom concepts. I like the Casa Tres Chic. It looks very enticing. The simplicity of the design made the room more spacious and attractive.

  38. The last photo is also a very good concept. The wooden flooring made it a valuable room. It is also very compelling and gorgeous. I wish I had the kind of room as well.

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  41. These are beautiful ideas for my kids’ bedrooms. In addition, i think it is also important to take note of safety in design especially that our little angels are going to occupy these rooms.
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  42. Love those bedroom designs! Specially the first one. I also love its windows, I’m thinking if it has outdoor blinds. Seems like there is.

  43. Oh my gosh, I’m just coming across this post and I LOVE it so very much. This is so inspiring with my 3rd on the way!

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