Things We Love: Houndstooth

A Life’s Design
Every room needs a touch of pattern to make it whimsical and light. While some prints can get a little too full of themselves, houndstooth always makes a statement while being classic and modest. It’s astounding how something can be so simple, yet make such a big impression. I’m into brown right now and wanting this rug somewhere in my house!

Lisa Sherry Interieurs
I don’t know what exactly is on that mantle — driftwood, maybe? — but it’s so cool!
Add Simplicity
Other colors of houndstooth are fun for making a splash, but, like so many things in life, I think black and white really does it best.
The Decorista
I would never have been brave enough to pair those pillows with that rug, but it’s so fun!

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors

The splash of print on the back of these dining chairs is a fabulous contrast to the restraint shown by the rest of the room.
Tobi Fairley Design
Blue and orange is such an unexpected color combination, but it really works! I’m feeling a playroom color scheme coming on…
Diamond Baratta Design
Second only to black-and-white, hot pink houndstooth is one of my favorites.

Kelley Moore Photography

Disco balls? I’m not exactly sure what to even say about that… Loving the chairs, though — and the photo by Kelley Moore.

The pattern and texture of this room adds so much dimension while the color palette keeps it so soft. Leather headboards are one of my favorite things.

Feesby and Bleeks Design

This inviting bedroom proves that layering patterns isn’t something to be afraid of. Thanks for visiting today!


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  1. The hot pink is a winner for me but I do like the blue with orange

  2. You get my vote for houndstooth! I love it in interiors as much as I love it in elegant and old world..I love the updated ways to incorporate it into todays decorating as you showed you beautifully here! Great post…so many beautiful rooms.

  3. Yes, definitely a thumbs up for houndstooth from me! Love all these images, so lovely!

    Meera xx

  4. Love the blue with the orange and I really like it in the carpet. Funny but I just bought a new houndstooth jacket….lol.

  5. I like all of the new preppy chic colors but black and white is my fav!

  6. I love this post! Very beautiful images. I like the houndstooth pattern but I am not brave enough to use it on furnitures or rugs! Maybe on decorative pillows (like the blue and orange room) and the back of the chairs on the dining room. (like your pictures above)

  7. Our favorite is the sofa with the orange pillows.Really fun as rug design.

  8. I ADORE houndstooth in both decor and fashion. I’m feeling the brown as well!!

  9. I adore the first image!!
    I just bought a small houndstooth remnant the other day at a thrift store that is the perfect size for a throw. I just need to fray the ends :)
    I love the things you love !!

  10. I’ve always loved houndstooth and the use of it in these spaces is so much fun. Love it in the bedroom.

  11. forgot all about houndstooth, you just made it very hip!

  12. I love love the blue and orange color combination! It’s brave and so full of life! I would just add a colorful and happy art to go with it :)

  13. LOVING all the houndstooth inspiration! I recently saw a stenciled houndstooth patten on a wall! Amazing!

  14. You can’t go wrong with houndstooth! Love it on the back of the dining chairs, so fun!

  15. Really beautiful post!

  16. I have always adored houndstooth jackets, however, never really thought about using it in a rug. Looks great! I love the blue houndstooth with the orange. Great color combination.

  17. It’s a classic and I love it! I really liked that first brown room and the whole dining room with it on the backs of the chairs – beautiful images – thanks for the inspiration!

  18. I LOVE houndstooth. I recently reupholstered a chair of mine in houndstooth but I’m thinking the scale should’ve been bigger, like in these photos.

  19. Yep, it’s an all-time classic! So masculine and handsome… yummy!

    Angela x

  20. I love it used on throw pillows – talk about pop!

  21. Those are some really great images using houndstooth! I love the browns especially.

  22. hounds-tooth!!!
    i love it-


  23. Love the interior design!! 😀 cool blog I’m following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  24. love, love love houndstooth! One of my faves! Great blog as usual sweet friend!:)

  25. Ooh, I am LOVING the pink houndstooth – what an exquisite decorative touch! :)

  26. You guys are AMAZING! I can only imagine how long it akes you to find those pictures but they are always fantastic! Great post!!

  27. I normally don’t like it that too much but love it in each of the pictures you showed becuase its a modern take on an old look. I love it in the fresh bright colors. Great ideas, in the pinks its just gorgeous.

  28. Love the pink! And the pops of orange and turquoise. Gorgeous.

  29. I have to say that the last 2 bedrooms are my fave. Pretty!
    Nice post!

  30. So glad you stopped by my blog so that I could see yours! Love it and am now following. Congratulations on your great news! I know you are expecting a boy but please do a post on girl’s nurserys just in case our little bundle is a she! Love all of your pictures!


  31. so many gorgeous images…and I’m in luck, I have a few yards of some Ralph Lauren hounds tooth…hmm, now what to put it the dining room with the hounds tooth on the back of the chair….

  32. Oh, I love a good houndstooth print! It is just so classic. The first image with the brown houndstooth rug is great!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  33. Given the Big Wedding and what we saw on the runways for fall, I think this is a trend that’s here to stay – love the different variations and colors in your images!

  34. The Blue and Orange – that’s my favorite shot!!


  35. Love houndstooth! The larger and more graphic the better.

  36. There is an edginess to houndstooth that just jazzes up a space. Terrific post! Great inspiration photos so glad I found your blog.

  37. I have the most wonderful oversized houndstooth roll pillows on my youngest son’s daybed! Makes the bed!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  38. The pink houndstooth is great…it’s always been one of my favs…especially in the bold scale.
    Happy Easter,

  39. I love houndstooth … and I love that photo with it on the back of the dining chairs. It adds so much interest!!!

  40. Hi there! So glad you stopped by my blog :) I love this post especially the dark blue dining room with just a hint of houndtooth on the back of the chairs. I’m having a giveaway I’d love for you to enter. Love you blog – you definitely have a follower!

  41. i love the houndstooth – you guys always do such thorough and lovely posts – a pleasure to read!

  42. I am such a fan… but can’t use it here in Birmingham because of the UofA. But hope to use it in Mississippi!

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