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Vintage Home
From magic spells to princes in disguise, no fairy tale is complete without an enchanted castle. And while bigger isn’t always better when it comes to these dreamy cottages, the more ivy-covered the walls, the more charming the feel. I know the princess is supposed to move to the palace, but, quite honestly, I think I’d rather live in one of these.
my ideal home
What a lovely spot for a garden party on a pretty day.
The Steward
This is how I’ve always pictured Wuthering Heights. Beautiful and enchanted, but aged and with a bit of mystery hanging in the air.
Eric Roth Photography
I love this one because it feels like it could be right down the street, not (for us) an entire country away. Ivy or no, stone is just so charming.
dream a little dream

This is perhaps my favorite. It looks like the perfect little getaway in the English countryside. 

my ideal home

I wish I was having my morning tea at The Cottage Tearooms this morning instead of in my office.

life of polarn per
Now this is a pool house. And a pool. Simply divine.
Ragland Hill Social

This is where I picture Prince William and Kate Middleton living right now, picking vegetables from their organic garden.

Youre left I’m right

Or maybe the scale of this one is more on par. Not a bad place to play house.

The Steward

Croquet is not one of my best sports, but I think if I was going to take it up this would be the place for it.

 Simply love this look!

The Steward
Yes, the ivy is incredible, but have you ever seen anything like those doors? They’re so imposing and glamorous. We hope you all have a very glamorous day! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. says

    What a dreamy collection of images, I love all of those houses. Though my favorite is the same as yours. I would always want the cozier, smaller one. I just finished reading “Howards End” by E.M. Forster, and many of these houses remind me of the house at the center of that book.

  2. says

    Thank you for posting this. It brought back memories because my mother always had ivy running near the doors and beyond. I have just rooted 6 plants and intend on using it myself.
    Have a great day.

  3. says

    I love it! Growing up we had a neighbor that had ivy growing all over their house and I remember it was so pretty until they decided to take it all off due to “bugs” What a shame. I still can’t help but take pictures of little garages or anything with ivy growing over it. So pretty.

  4. says

    ivy around cottages is so timeless. i love it, but am too afraid to grow it anywhere. maybe if I had a cottage like one of the ones listed above… :)

  5. says

    If this doesn’t make a lover out of someone not already in love with ivy climbing the facades of homes then I don’t know what will. Absolutly spectacular! My jaw was dropping…I am like you..the more ivy the better and forget the palace-give up those cold drafty drawing rooms for a quaint charming thatched ivy covered cottage!!
    And that pool house from heaven up there…I have died and gone to poolhouse heaven….OMG!!!! Perfecto! Ivy rules!!

  6. says

    So beautiful…in my next life I want to live in one of these :) Love it! Such a great post!

    I am going to send you your prize you won in my give-away tomorrow, sorry for the delay, but I have been so busy moving to another house these days :)


  7. says

    Fantastic collection ~ looks like you have had lots of fun putting this together!

    Even though it is SO bad for the house walls, I am very partial to creeping plants on a building.

    And those black and white doors are insanely fabulous!

  8. says

    I was so hoping you were hosting one of these lovely homes as a give-away. 😉 hahaha. I think living in one is everyone’s dream. It is certainly mine. Thanks for posting.

  9. says

    You’ve chosen such beautiful photos, I love old houses with ivy, it makes them look like they’ve come out of a dream!

    Agree with you on the doors in the last image – my goodness, very imposing!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week!

    Meera xx

  10. says

    recently added your site to my blog roll nice place to visit. I love creeping fig too have it on my steps and stoop at front door and on the fireplace. Fell in love with it in Charleston but because I live in Greenville, South Carolina south of Asheville by and hour and half I was told it would not grow here- ah but it does. Do you have ivy or fig at your homes?

  11. says

    LOVE these! We have ivy on the front of our house. It looks lovely but it is fast growing and virulent and sometimes I find it growing through the windows inside the house!!

  12. says

    What beautiful shots with the ivy. I live in a big old English, ivy covered house. The one that you wanted to live in is my favourite too and I would enjoy tea all the more in those lovely tearooms :) – Melissa

  13. says

    Could it possibly get more ‘English’ than this? I doubt it:)! Simply charming and wonderful!!!
    Oh, and the dutch doors were amusing too. Lots of lovely images, think I actuallly enjoyed each and everyone of them all:)!

  14. says

    This may be my favorite post of all you’ve done. I especially like the small and charming cottages. And that pool house! Well, how much more fabulous can you get than that?

  15. says

    So nice of you to stop by today, I hope you enjoy the deviled eggs, they are yummy!

    My favorite is the home with the eyebrow entry! I just love it!

    Please stop by when you have a moment, we love company and new Followers are always welcome! I enjoyed my visit today!

  16. says

    wow, love your images, especially the english cottages and tea rooms.

    so now i am asking myself “where have i been?” after you commented on my england post i just had to come and visit. LOVE your blog and will be back

    nice to meet you both

  17. says

    How happy I am that you found my blog, but above all because you left me a comment:).

    Really like your blog, so beautiful images in my style:). The houses or rather the mansions you show today is just fantastic!

    xo Maria

  18. says

    Gorgeous!! I love stone houses, they are so charming. And the ivy is the icing on the cake. Only thing I know is a problem with Ivy, is that rats climb in them, and often into the windows (so I’ve heard). But honestly, that wouldn’t stop me from planting ivy if I lived in a stone or brick house =) Could always get a cat!

    xo Linda

  19. says

    SImply divine! We must be thinking of the same things as I had wild, rambling ivy on the mind on Weds – perhaps you would enjoy that post 😉 Ivy has such an untamed, English moor look about it – it completely gives a building a sense of permanence that can’t be faked. I love the romantic idea of a beautiful abandoned house almost completely overtaken by ivy and rambling roses. And totally agree with you, so very storybook 😉 Really enjoyed this post

  20. says

    Excellent post. I would love to own a stone house just to cover it in ivy.

    P.S. I can’t believe I was not one of your followers until now.

  21. Brooksley says

    Hi there! Beautiful homes! Do you happen to know where the “You’re right, I’m left” home is located? The larger version for William & Kate? England? Georgia? I can’t seem to find a reference. Thanks so much! Brooksley

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