Feeding the Farm

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Whether you have a Brady-sized family or love entertaining friends, a king-sized kitchen table is crucial for feeding a crowd. From the farm to the beach to the most glamorous home, we don’t think there’s a single space where a farm table isn’t welcome. 
Bella Mancini Designs
Starkly beautiful, these tables need few accessories.  
Attic Mag
And are perfect with any sort of light fixture, from a more rustic iron like this… 
Amy Neunsinger Design
To a glamorous chandelier like this.
Bright, Bold and Beautiful

It simply depends on the look you are trying to achieve. For the record, this is a look we adore–in the right space, of course. Wildflowers, mason jars, well-loved light fixtures. It’s a throwback to a simpler time, isn’t it?

Darling Chic

But, on the flip side, we wouldn’t trade our modern kitchens and silver for anything, which is why we have decided we need multiple vacation homes to do in all of the styles we love. Now we just need some willing volunteers to donate their homes. Any takers?

Love this wall of prints.

Elle Decor
This is what I really think of when I think of a farmhouse table. You can tell it’s a true antique, or, at the very least, that someone worked hard to make it look well loved!
Living, Etc.

These Louis ghost chairs are amazing with the farm table, and, admittedly, had we not seen them with our own eyes, we would have thought them too light to balance out such a hearty table. As a side note, my mother-in-law loves these chairs and is getting a pint-sized one for the baby! 

Restoration Hardware

I have to say that I love the look of this as well. These light fixtures are so incredible, and an upholstered dining chair is one of my favorite things.

Mom has always been skeptical of the upholstered-back dining chair, but she’s starting to come around more and more. The fact that she chose these pictures is a good, good sign, I think! 
Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I love these images! I just sold my harvest table because it wouldn’t fit in the lake house. I am really missing it after seeing this post!

  2. Gorgeous images!!
    I love pairing the rustic with the glam chandelier.
    You always do an amazing job showing the things you love!!!
    Have a wonderful day

  3. Gorgeous! I love the Decorpad, Restoration Hardware, and Kohler rooms especially. I am in love with farm tables!
    Have a great day, ladies.

  4. I think your Mom did a great job picking out the photos. MY favorite is the all white table on the porch with the wildflowers in the mason jars. It looks so welcoming. I do love chandeliers so you could put me anywhere near a chandelier and I’m happy .

  5. I’m a southern girl, so farmhouse chic is one of my favorites types of design. Those are gorgeous images!!

  6. The dining table should be the heart of the house.
    I prefer an old wooden farm table with upholstered chairs, just timeless.

    Lovely images, thank you for sharing.

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  7. Beautiful images, the first one being my favorite! I love how bright and airy the kitchen is with the addition of the skylight, the rustic wall planks and the vintage furniture. It’s lovely and charming.


  8. gosh – I LOVE all of these. GORGEOUS!!

  9. Isn’t it amazing how a farm table can look great in so many different styles of homes depending on the chairs and lighting you pair with it. Adore the farm table paired with elegant chandeliers or upholstered chairs. Lots of great inspiration here.

  10. Oh, the mini-Ghost for the baby, how cute!

    I love mixing a rustic farm table with a chandelier. And I love upholstered dining chairs. Have used them for years (mine are skirted Parsons covered with Ultrasuede) and people adore them. We regularly linger at the table eating, laughing and drinking for hours ….

  11. I love a well-used (or well-used looking) farm table and totally agree that they work well in anyone’s dining room. I’m really bummed that my farm table is too large for our breakfast nook and too small for our dining room. I’m going to have to find another one.

  12. I am so in agreement with you, there is pretty much no where that a farm table doesn’t look wonderful, welcoming and wonderfully chic. I love them, they practically invite a warm welcoming of friends and family and invite them to stay awhile. If they are a little beaten and banged up even better…I personally prefer them a little rustic myself. Love all the images above, this post does them great justice. I can’t wait to use a great big farm table in my own breakfast room and hope they will invite many happy gatherings :)

  13. Mmm – those are all so gorgeous!! I think we’re in the market for some type of rustic table, and it’s especially nice to see all the chair options!!

  14. Great tables! The lucite is my favorite.

  15. Love Farmhouse tables. In fact, I think it may be a new addition for our next home! Thank you for the inspiration =)

  16. I just posted about the abalone shell chandelier about a week ago! Love it! I have a link to another one hand-made in the Carolinas with local oyster shells…

    Great post!!

  17. These tables are gorgeous! The more I see them, the more I want one. Especially the RH one with the massive chandeliers. Figures! Loved this post!

  18. We have a beach house in the Hamptons with a huge farm table in the kitchen – you’re invited any time! I agree with you that a table set with wildflowers and mason jars are the best…

  19. I hope to find a farmish table for my new flat, for sure…they are just so inviting :)

  20. Love the first and last photos…oh and the fifth for the great industrial light fittings…can’t go wrong with that look! Robx
    p.s. your post ‘rare reads’ inspired my ‘Bookish’ post which I linked back to yours!

  21. lovely, inspiring blog.


  22. I agree – a farmhouse table goes with almost any setting. I particularly love the ones that are quite worn with a few scratch marks – to me they speak of family and friends and good times. I love the pictures you’ve posted – you always produce such a visual feast.

  23. gorgeous images…love the relaxed look but still sort of elegant…(for farmhouse, anyway)…. :)


  24. Great collection! I especially love the look of an old fashioned farm table with more modern chairs. Such a fun balance between old and new!

  25. I don’t know if I told you, but I love your blog!

    Your pics selection is amazing!! :)



  26. Really beautiful! The 2nd space with the rustic dining table and the white chairs remind me of my own dining table table and white chairs! Love each and every space! XX

  27. I love every image! xx

  28. I don’t know which is my favorite!! I love them all:)

  29. Great tables. So in to natural woods lately. A great long table like that might be the best investment for a home!

  30. Beautiful tables! And I SO love the ghost chairs.
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

  31. I have a 10 ft table that I wish I could fit in my kitchen! Oh well, it’s our dining table :) Love everything I see!! XO, Kelly

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  33. It´s a lwways such joy to stop by here!!!
    Who wouldn´t love to have a table just like the ones you are showing, especially in a country home!? Looks like pretty much any type of chairs will work too!
    Wishing you a really great weekend!

  34. i love love love this gorgeous post! omg our family has been sharing meals at a harvest table made of reclaimed barn wood for years, and it is etched with all sorts of writing (from homework) because the pine is so soft.

    my fav is def the Amy Neunsinger dining image. i posted my interview with the inspirational Amy today right here http://hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2011/05/amy-neunsingeran-inspired-life.html.

    have a great weekend!


  35. So very pretty! I keep telling my husband that we need a beach home that I can decorate this way!!

    Thanks for the photos!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  36. I love warm wood tones so I really love the one from Attic Mag. Beautiful!

  37. These are wonderful images. I love a farm table in just about any setting…love it with the more modern chairs or the Parisian style chairs too. I guess anything goes with the farm table!

  38. I wholeheartedly agree with this post, I am in fact on the lookout for one of these types of dining tables myself. Beautiful inspirational images!

    Meera xx

  39. Oh, if only we could all have a farm table. I five my left arm for one. Thank you for the beautiful images. Now following.


  40. SOOO perfect. I almost want to cook!

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