Heat Wave Relief…Happy Friday!!

Anne Decker Architects

Chris Barret Designs

Lisa Vanderpump pool
petite parcels

Richard Powers Photography

Geoffrey Beene’s Hawaii Home via Veranda Magazine



Stephen Knollenberg via Architectural Digest

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  1. Thanks for the photos of the pools! I am lucky that I am just steps away from the beach but to have a pool in our backyard would be heaven.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I need a pool!! It will be 100F here. But I’m happy with my a/c.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Dylan dog and I just got back from swimming in a very cold lake so we’re both happy but I would love to have one of those pools in my yard! Stay cool everyone!

  4. Oh, it’s so hot here in Texas the pools look so inviting!

  5. How perfect! I want to loll in that Hawaiian pool all day. Alas, I will be hiding in the air conditioning instead.

  6. i have a pool…..does not look like these and it is too hot to go in as the water is actually WARM!

    loved your images, now i need to re-think my pools surroundings……my husband will be thrilled!

  7. Just what we are thinking of. How soon can we begin building the pool?

  8. I’ll take any one of them!!

  9. Ahhhh. Looks like a dream!

  10. Gorgeous images! I just did a pool post too ;)

    LOVE the petite parcels one and the last one overlooking the Golden Gate bridge – breathtaking!

    Have a great weekend!! xx, Laura

  11. Those homes and pools are gorgeous! I swim in a pool, however, it’s even too hot for that. Currently, the a/c is my best friend.

  12. These places are just splendid, my goodness! I would love to jump into one… or all… of those beautiful pools—so lovely.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead!

    xx, Sarah

  13. oooooh i want geoffrey beene’s hawaii home! no pool here but if i had my choice it would be a natural beauty, understated and blending into the landscape. i sort of see myself with a pool in retirement if i’m not on the ocean to give me that beach feel.

    have a lovely weekend, gorgeous ladies.


  14. Just jumped in mine!

  15. I’m ready to jump in! I expected this kind of heat growing up in Texas, but in NY? It’s crazy!

    Staying the shade!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  16. WOW what beautiful pools!

  17. What a truly gorgeous home….the rare post that I am in love with each and every one!! Just fabulous and with the incredible heat, I could spend 24 hours in the pool just to escape it! Love it so much am going to include it in a post I am doing tomorrow about some of my favorits posts for others to enjoy!

  18. I’ll just have to settle for my Jacuzzi. Great pool inspiration here.

    Lisa x

  19. Love pools in pictures number 1 and 7, they are classic and perfect.

  20. Gorgeous.. In Oz we are dreaming of this at the moment as we are in the middle of Winter.. Just love the last 3 images!

    have a perfect weekend!

    Marnie. x

  21. The AD pool is a fave of mine. If only I could jump through the screen to cool off. Have a frosty weekend.

  22. That white house with the hydrangeas is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen! Great post!

  23. So many amazing pools! Mine might not be as glamorous but I was loving it today! Excellent post!

  24. So refreshing! I love the design in that first shot, and the last one is truly amazing, especially given the view!!!

  25. your pictures are just simply amazing!!! I absolutely cannot wait to see the baby’s room. Email me photos and colors. I may have something special for the little one!!!
    Thank you for always checking in on my blog too!
    special two that you are!

  26. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could jump in every one of these pools!

  27. relief indeed..and gorgeous to boot..
    fabulous inspiration..I’m so drawn to adding a pool to my (eventual) lakeside summer house..but is that too excessive?…or redundant?..
    I guess I’ll figure that out ofter i get the house.. ;)

  28. It is so hot at the beach that we can only get out in the early morning and evening!
    These images are very refreshing. I would love to have a beautiful pool.
    Hope that your weekend is off to a great start.

  29. These pools are gorgeous! I wanna be there!


  30. Looks so refreshing!!
    Hope yours is cooler :)

  31. Looks so wonderfully refreshing. We are in a sauna her as son as one steps out the door!


    Art by Karena

    Be sure to Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

  32. Those pools are so gorgeous! I’d love to have any one of those!


  33. Tina was right….thos was an awesome post! I was glad to read it again today. She included one of mine, too…isn’t she the sweetest? Hope you’ll stop by sometime. Very excited to get to know your blog!

  34. The perfect post as respite from the heat. I am reading this in Maine, where we have the lake to relive us. But back home, many of these would be a welcome sight!!

  35. What a lovely selection of pools. Perfect summer inspiration as we are in the depths of winter here! x Sharon

  36. How refreshing! I love infinity pools! Enjoy the wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  37. each pool is more beautiful than the next!

  38. Oh these images are just stunning! The pools are divine and the surroundings …. perfect!
    best wishes
    M.A. the 2nd

  39. Despite the fact that it’s the middle of winter here, pouring with rain and freezing, I can still find inspiration in these amazing photos. Wow, those pools are incredible. All going into my file for pool ideas later in the year.

  40. Ah, swimming pools are great for summer lounging with friends. I adore Chris Barret’s design. xx

  41. You got it soooo right. You have to stay in or near the water right now. I could enjoy myself in any of these gorgeous pools. Stay cool. Mona

  42. hi found you through enchanted home, this post is a slice of heaven. that first picture is too pretty for words!!
    Am your newest follower, lovely blog.

  43. Stunning stunning! I would live in Amy of these settings!
    Love your blog, just caught up
    Jamie Herzlinger

  44. these are awesome! seeing this on monday morning before i go to work though, lame! haha :)

  45. I wouldn’t complain about the heat if I could live with a pool like those!!

  46. Just thought I’d let you know that I linked to this post in my post yesterday. Sorry for the late heads-up but life got in the way of blogging:)


  47. I can’t decide what pool from those I would like to be invited.. all of them have something special!

  48. Palm trees… that’s what I need right now. I really love the Richard Powers picture, looks like this house is the only one on the island!

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