Fashionable Friday: Valentine’s Day Reds

If you’re looking to glam it up this Valentine’s Day…

These frocks are fabulous!
But, if you’re like us, and your Valentine’s day is slightly less glamorous, we love this jacket for a splash of red.
Colored jeans have been one of our favorite trends of the season. This is such an easy, wearable Valentine’s Day look. The boots are perfect.
Just a hint of red… What a gorgeous pump!


Thanks so much to Carolyn and Cynthia of The Buzz for the beautiful design book by one of our very favorites, Mary McDonald. We were THRILLED to be the winners!! Make sure to visit their blog…it’s a daily must for us.


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  1. Red is a bit bright for me but the red shoes I can handle, them them! Enjoy yur weekend!


  2. Always a fan of a red dress, any time of year. You’ve chosen some of my favorite shots.

  3. This is fast becoming my favorite Friday read. Love the red jeans look!

  4. I LOVE the red heels with the black dress! Such a pretty look. These are all so gorgeous and glam.

  5. Gorgeous images!
    So happy to have found your blog and be your newest follower :)

  6. wow one would feel so beautiful in that color red. Have a great weekend.

  7. Va va voom!!! I won’t be going anywhere that would warrant a beautiful red gown but wow are they stunning. I actually love wearing red, its a good color for me, and Valentines day is the perfect day to wear it!

  8. Those red shoes are to die for! I just purchased a pair of red jeans and love them. Happy weekend!

  9. Love red – a little or a lot. Especially this time of year when my closet seems to want to serve up nothing but black and grey!

    Whether it’s glam or casually chic, I hope you both have a beautiful weekend! XO

  10. These are gorgeous…and I love red heels!

  11. Those are some fabulous LRDs!! The first one is so dramatic, I love it!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  12. oh my, these are stunning!

  13. I just love seeing all the flashes of gorgeous red around this time of year and these are no exception. Happy weekend!

  14. I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day girl, but if I had a pretty red dress to wear… maybe I would be! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  15. Love red! Love dresses! Love shoes! Love Posh!

  16. Red is such a happy color! It is one of my favorites, and I try to wear it as often as I can. I love these choices.
    Have a happy weekend, Beth and Kristy.

  17. Love your blog! Did you enter our give away?
    Great Valentine fashion fantasy!


  18. love the inspiration for vday!

  19. Gorgeous!!! Love those frocks…but I’d be happy with the red jeans.

  20. What a stunning selection – I too am a fan of coloured jeans! So pleased you found my blog – thank you for following. I’ve just been reading a few of your lovely varied posts and I’m now your newest follower!

  21. Red is my favorite color.

  22. Adore that red jeans look…perfection!

  23. Love that Victoria Beckham picture. Never seen that one before 😉
    Happy Valentines weekend xx

  24. First pic outfit is fabulous :)

  25. Gorgeous photos – that first dress is stunning! Have a lovely weekend :)

  26. such a lovely set of pictures..i agree red is the colour for V day for sure!! ivegotta scan thru what i have :))

    xoxo hanz :)
    Google plus :

  27. Loved the red pumps!! And the first photo!!!


  29. Love those red skinnies…and the entire outfit!

  30. To me red says that you have some spark! I have a “petite” collection of red shoes and boots…just like animal prints, they never tire. Beautiful post:)…as usual!

  31. Such gorgeous red collection. Very inspiring and nice post! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  32. Now wouldn’t that be fun…Probably won’t happen. Have a great weekend. Mona

  33. The dresses are Gorgeous esp the first one!


  34. Beautiful reds! Love the leggings and every girl would enjoy twirling wearing the first dress. So festive!

  35. Really love your blog!!! Following now.
    Kisses from Perú

  36. So glamorous! Love the red heels with the black dress.

  37. I love red colour!!! Expecially for S.Valentine!!

  38. Stunning! I love your blog and this beautiful post

  39. These dresses are truly stunning! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  40. Love all the dresses but I’m probably going to pull out the red heels. Have a great weekend!

  41. That first red dress is to die for! Red certainly is sexy. Unfortunately my life isn’t right now, but when it is again I’m pulling out the red!

  42. Only wish I could wear those red jeans like the girl in the photo. Sigh x

  43. LOVE that first picture; and Alexa Chung! Such a gorgeous collection of looks! :)

  44. thank you so much for visiting Knack, and for your sweet words! What a gorgeous place you have here……and these red photos are gorgeous!! I love the red pants with the high heeled boots…….and just may have to pull them out for the big V-day!


  45. Love, love, love red! Whether it be red from head to toe of just a pop. These are all gorgeous! :) xoxo

  46. i want the one with the low draped back!!

    happy weekend

  47. Red is amazing!

  48. You’re blog is great! Lovely post!
    FOLLOW/VISIT my blog 2 hihi?

  49. I’ll be going the casual route for Valentine’s day – although if I had a fancy evening planned, I’d totally go for the dress with the pockets.

  50. Just stunning!!!!! I especially love the 1st shot.

  51. I love the black dress with a surprise shock of those gorgeous red shoes!

  52. I have a summer red dress which I absolutely love and definitely prefer it to the LBD. And if I could find a perfect one for the cold season as well, I’m pretty sure it will take the place of all the other LBDs. Beautiful inspiration!
    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. xo

  53. Good gosh…those were some fine examples of red. Those shoes were to die.

  54. Amazing Blog! We can follow eatch other? Thanks 😀

  55. Those dresses are beyond gorgeous. LOVE! And the Mary McDonald book is absolutely fantastic – you’ll love it!!

  56. Loving all the Valentine’s Day romance & inspiration!

  57. I love this post! Red is so beautiful. I would love to glam up in that amazing first dress! x
    Thanks for following me! I’ll definitely be following your amazing blog (:

  58. Awww thanks for following me :-)

    These dresses are all magnificent but I have to admit I really love the cheeky red pants!

    ~ Clare x

  59. Love this RED! So seductive and Elegant!!!


  60. Thank you so much sweeties for your lovely comment!! I love your blog and I just followed you back!!!

    This is a very inspiring post!! Thnak you for sharing!

    Have a great week!!

    xoxoxoHappy new week, sweeties!!

    It feels like the North Pole here!! I couldn’t imagine that in Valentine’s day Eve the weather will be this horrible. It has been snowing for days and all my plans for the Valentine’s day regarding the outfit I was planning to wear have been ruined…

    We didn’t do anything super exciting this weekend, but it was kind of nice just to relax.

    Today is heavily snowing, the same will be tomorrow and for the next days it has been issued a kind of orange code of heavy snowfall …

    This is how it looks and what I am wearing…

  61. Beautiful…I love red dresses and those red jeans…sigh! How divine are they? Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day xo

  62. OMG I love this pictures,
    red have never looked better!

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