Monday Musings: Restoration Hardware

 Has the big, fat Spring Restoration Hardware sourcebook landed on your doorstep yet? It was a total surprise for us, but we had so much fun looking at it we sort of felt like we were flipping through our much-anticipated September Vogue. The theme “big style, small spaces” was so cool, and we couldn’t agree more that, yes, the world is getting smaller. How else could we be talking to you super fun people all over the world right now? 
 The Paris pied-a-terre was our favorite, but that’s really just because we’re so partial to French furniture. It was glamorous without feeling too formal or stuffy. It felt like the perfect weekend jaunt… Supposing, of course that we lived close enough to Paris to dash off to it every now and then.
 These rope fixtures are on the top of our favorites list. They’d be great in a beach house, but I don’t think they’re necessarily nautical. I sort of want one in my kitchen. It has a French Country feel to me.
 I don’t think this massive tufted couch really goes along with the “small spaces” category, but isn’t it fabulous? No one would be fighting over who got the chaise! These bird cage chandeliers are also a cool concept, but I’m not sure either of us have the right spot for one. Pretty to look at, though!
 We are huge fans of French furniture, but sometimes it’s just too much. We like the feel of this furniture because it has those great lines but still feels casual enough for every day living. This line could slip right into a sunroom or vacation home no problem.
 Our favorite thing about the Restoration Hardware books was that there were so many things that were just super cool. We love elements in a room that are unexpected, and we think these resin antlers would be such a fabulous contrast hanging right over that french piece above.
 Will and I are wanting to spruce up our patio now that it’s getting warm, and this picture was such an inspiration. We want to have somewhere comfortable and cozy where all our friends can gather for drinks and chat. This fire pit is so sleek and modern. Super stylish!
I saw these trunks in a Restoration Hardware store the other day, and I really wanted to buy one. The polished aluminum feels new, modern and fresh in contrast to the leather and wood accents. So fun! 
We adore all the vintage farm tables. These chairs are great too. We’ll take it all! 
We hope you all have a wonderful day with some extra time to flip through your new sourcebook!

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  1. Lovin everything in RH right now!!! Now if they would add my paintings I’d be a really happy girl!!!

  2. Mine is holding down our coffee table, but I have yet to get through it all. If I ever get a moment to myself I am diving in!

  3. So many things here to L.O.V.E.

  4. AGREE! Just got mine too! Love everything but the naked furniture, lol. Cover it please!
    The louie is so pretty!
    Have a happy day.

  5. Love the rope chandelier! have a bit of a rope fetish at the moment. The farmhouse table is gorgeous too!!
    Penny x

  6. Oh! what a great catalogue! I wish we had Restoration Hardware here in Ireland! Agree about the French couch above, pefectly understated as some French furniture can be a bit OTT! It would be fab paired with the resin deer head. I’m curious as to your views on real deer heads mounted – I came across an antique one recently and I’m in two minds about whether to go for it or not? What do you think??


  7. Great things and great inspiration!

  8. This is the second time that I’ve read about Restoration hardware recently, and I am totally in love! Unfortunately, we don’t have it here in the UK, but I would SO love to get my hands on several items in your fabulous selection! That rope chandelier is incredible, and the resin antlers are just too cool! x

  9. I love the French looking sofa and have the perfect spot for it. I would also happily find place for the rope chandelier and dining chairs. Not so sure about the big tufted sofa – it looks a bit overwhelming! x Sharon

  10. Hi ladies,

    A fat & good catalog indeed! They are really on a roll over at RH.

    I think so many of their dining chairs and mirrors are true bargains. They have even added some good Swedish reproductions.

    Warm hugs and happy new week to you both.

    ox, Mon

    P.S Need to go and pick up William (my little guy!) and then I will absolutely enter your giveaway!

  11. these are amazing!

  12. Got not one but two monster doubles as weights catalogs. It was almost too much to go through in one sitting. I am finding with them you either love or hate it….I for the most part like a lot of what they do some not so much. Some of it feels contived and just too fake but the things I do like like that gorgeous french settee is a home run. Ditto the fun resin antlers… gotta hand it to them, they are a marketing machine like no other and I have heard the new stores are so beautiful you don’t want to leave…..

  13. Oh, yes, it is here but haven’t cracked it open yet. I was in the store the other day and love some of their new pieces.

  14. They always do such a fantastic job with clean lines and good solid pieces. Love!



  15. It just arrived today! I can’t wait to go through it

  16. Is it terrible to admit that I stuck it straight in the recycling bin? I get so many catalogs – and realistically I’m searching on the web most of the time – that I just didn’t want one more thing in my pile of things to do! Not to mention that the sourcebook could have functioned as a weightlifting aid; have mercy it is enormous!!!! I do, however, quite love “big style, small spaces!”

  17. I love RH but haven’t opened my book yet, I’m afraid to, I’m afraid I’ll want to many things again. Their book is so full of great ideas and pieces.


  18. I must admit… I don’t understand the all-tufted sofa. But how about those GIANT bird cage chandeliers? A little avant-garde, but fabulous!


  19. I loved RH a few years back, but lately that store has gotten on my nerves. Yes, they do have some fabulous things, but the obnoxious catalogue and their CEO…ick. I can’t stand his “look at me” pose. Their stuff is overpriced as well. Sorry for my rant, it’s been one of those days:(

  20. I have to say that RH is one of my all time vices! Even when I am thrifting – I will grab anything with RH on it (even if I think it isn’t my style or my taste – because as soon as I get it home… I AM IN LOVE) That company ROCKS! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy the rest of your day. xoxo Jalon

  21. I have loved that ENORMOUS tufted sofa since last year and loved it even more inside of one of their stand alone stores…it is so grandiose, yet understated, they rarely seem to come out with new furniture so it was nice to read about the new smaller pieces in the online catalog.

  22. Great, beautiful post!…Gorgeous pics…my favorite, The polished aluminum, leather and wood trunk!.

    Hope you’re having a great start to the week

    Big hugs!

  23. Oh yeah! It’s all fab. I’ll take the antlers please.

  24. I love Restoration! These particular pieces are beyond worth coveting… I love the simple elegance of the Paris pied-a-terre. I also like the rustic-looking French couch. I love the idea of a comfortable outdoor couch, and that trunk is stunning!


  25. yes, I’ve received mine! swooning at that trunk!

  26. Restoration Hardware has certainly come along way!!! I love that they’ve added color to their look as well!!!

  27. I love French Furniture. There is a little boutique store near where I live selling the most amazing French Furniture and all sorts of lovely French wares. I personally adore that tufted couch and the bird cage chandeliers.

  28. I thought I had received the September Vogue when I saw something of that size in my mailbox! Haven’t had a chance to flip through it yet, but will have to put it on the top of the “to read” file!

  29. I’m so excited to finally be able to get US catalogs like the RH one again! Even if I don’t love everything they do, there are always interesting ideas, design concepts and just a pleasing visual experience to be had!

  30. I would certainly specify that rope light, if they shipped to Australia! Truly gorgeous! VB x

  31. I would certainly specify that rope light, if they shipped to Australia! Truly gorgeous! VB x

  32. I would certainly specify that rope light, if they shipped to Australia! Truly gorgeous! VB x

  33. So many gorgeous pieces here – especially the rope chandelier – so rustic yet stylish!

  34. I love this catalog..for some reason, you just made me realize I havent received one lately……off to the website to remedy this STAT:)

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  35. Haven’t gotten the catalog yet. Not sure why since I am a design partner with them. Can’t wait to see it since you love it and Cote de Texas totally slammed it. Will be interest to weigh in once I see. The photos you featured look nice but I didn’t care for the ones Cote de Texas featured. If you didn’t read her post go read it and see what you think. This is what I love about blogging, everyone sees things at a different angle. Makes for interesting reading! Thanks for the post I always love what you write!

  36. Ok, I must be the only one, but I’ll say it (I’m feeling in an honest mood :) — I HATE the new catalog. i hate that every single thing is the same color. I’m bored to tears by it. But like I said, I guess I’m one of a very few! Me and Cote de Texas I guess :)

  37. Hello sweeties!

    I’m working w/ a client that’s LOVES RH and she’s getting the “Soho” sectional for her family room.

    Love this post!


    Luciane at

  38. The RH doorstop (er, catalog!) did arrive and we loved the small spaces special issue. So much to take in that we needed the weekend to browse!

  39. i have my eye on a certain belgian linen sofa and copenhagen chair. my husband and i visited RH recently and wanted it all.

    smiles to you both.


  40. ok i am with stacey & joni, but probably for a different reason.
    as a retailer, they haunt me and it started day one. i used to buy from mark sage, then RH came calling and he sold to them because they came to his showroom in atlanta and said “if you do not sell to us, we will knock you off”. interior clients were livid when their pieces ended up in a national catalogue…….for less
    last year in france at the maison & objet show, i was constantly told “oh you may not want this line, RH in america will be carrying it”
    oh, i sound like sour grapes…..just retail envy, since i do like their merchandise!
    great post

  41. I adored that room with the huge tufted sofa and birdcage chandeliers! I included it in an earlier post of mine and love it every time I see it. I would love to get my hands on their catalogue,,, I wonder if they would mail one to this end of the world?

    Veronica xx

  42. I love the new look for Restoration Hardware, that pop of color. And they chose blue to be that pop. One of my favorite combos is blue and white!!

  43. OMG me too! I loved getting it and I love too many things in that catalog. If only I could afford everything I loved. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  44. It is interesting how RH is bucking the trend and producing huge catalogs while many other brands are going exclusively online. There is still something I very much like about flipping through a catalog, circling / highlighting / ripping out pages.

  45. I’m not sure how I got on their mailing list, as I have never bought a thing from RH…but what a treat!

    I love the chairs in the last pic too!

    Thanks for the kind comment over at my blog! Happy to meet you and look around over here at all the pretty things!

  46. Ugh! I LOVE Restoration Hardware but alas we have nothing like it here in Australia :-(

    ~ Clare x

  47. Oh, I received this in the mail 3 days ago and absolutely loved the “small places” lookbook… now you made it easy to pin! :)

  48. I like the look of that elegant sofa! Love the style of the restoration!

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