Fashionable Friday: Still Loving Leopard

We love this time of year, when the weather is still a bit chilly at night, and the days are that perfect warm without being sweltering.
It is the absolute perfect time for jeans and a killer scarf.
(It’s always the perfect weather for Yves Saint Laurent!)
We’ve never been big on prints, but, we must admit, we love leopard.
A sassy skirt.
A sleek sweater.
Even if you aren’t a leopard lover, it’s hard to deny that this Celine bag is tres chic!
What a sophisticated way to shop for flowers!

A pretty cardigan is always in style. 
Wishing you all a stylish weekend!


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  1. I’m reading so many animal print posts lately – I love it! Leopard will always be my favorite!

  2. Whilst I have, in the past, been in possession of a killer leopard dress I am not overly keen but I do rather fancy the scarf and that came sweater!!!!!!

  3. That’s it – I’m totally wearing my leopard scarf today!! xo

  4. One of my all-time favorite classics! And, you’re right it’s the perfect cool day in Denver for a scarf!

  5. All so chic! I love your Fashion Fridays!

  6. The scarf on the second photo is stunning. Perfect with jeans, for sure.
    Happy weekend.

  7. Lovely selection of pictures – I’m a fan leopard print accessories especially scarves!

  8. Love this!

  9. I’m with you – leopard hits the spot! I’m currently in search of the perfect leopard print scarf to take to Paris with me.
    Hope your weekend is spot-on lovely!

  10. For me leopard is always in style, whether for dress or decor.

  11. I have a pair of leopard flats on my list. But now that I see the scarf pictured above, it might be going on list too. Hope you ladies have a beautiful weekend.

  12. It always amazes me how animal print always returns year after year in some shape or form. I love it! Also loved the images you selected. Happy weekend xx

  13. um, yeahhhhhhh. i don’t think it will ever fall from favor. RAWRRRRR!


  14. I don’t remember seeing that photo of Jodie Foster before, it’s gorgeous! I never wear such prints but I always love them on others.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your kind comment on my Lux post ;-)

  15. love the handbag! and i actually love the necklace in the last image……

    hope all is well!

    lisa : )

  16. Nothing like a little leopard to add a little zest into your wardrobe…I am a big big fan! Love all the gorgeous examples….hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I have always adored leopard. It seems to find its way into my home accessories and my closet…hhhmmmm, now a few more ideas! Thanks for the post!

  18. I’m always a fan of adding a scarf and I have a leopard number that gets a lot of play!

  19. I love leopard too!

  20. Impossibly chic – I adore leopard print!

  21. It’s a neutral, it can be combined with most anything! Lovely images. Have a good weekend.

  22. It’s a neutral, it can be combined with most anything! Lovely images. Have a good weekend.

  23. Now I want a leopard scarf!

  24. I’m wearing and loving my couture leopard trench this season;-)

  25. Leopard cannot leave it is too neat

  26. Absolutely love it! Big fans of leopard print!

  27. I need leopard in my life…Gorgeous!


  28. I love animal print!!! I love using it in homes as well as fashion!!

  29. Every woman needs a little leopard in her life! Love all these pics, great scarf!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  30. I love a touch of animal print in a room or on me…I would love to have that sassy skirt…Have a great weekend girls…XO, Mona

  31. I love a touch of leopard especially with red. Every picture here is the epitome of chic! I’m going to pin…

  32. Loving the leopard! I have a leopard shirt from J Crew and still trying to find the perfect thing to wear it with. Especially love the scarves on this post!

    Have a good weekend!


  33. Love the leopard print! Great inspiring pictures :)

  34. It is such a classic, I don’t think I will ever give it up!
    great post!

  35. I do have a leopard scarf and I love it! Always chic in my book. xo

  36. l.o.v.e.!!!!
    I have a vintage leopard muff turned pillow that I adore! Such a classic.


  37. The scarf on the second photo is stunning. Perfect with jeans, for sure.

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