Things We Love: Armillary Spheres

Barbara Barry Design

Tammy Connor Design

Gerald Pomeroy Design

Anne Decker Architect

SB Long Interiors

Connecticut House and Gardens
via Mariane Simon Design

Ivy Clad

Dominique Lafourcade Designer

Inside or out we love the look of an armillary sphere. Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  1. I have always admired Armillary spheres! I hope someday I’ll acquire one and have just the right spot to put it!!

  2. Wow, these spheres really are cool! I think it would be nice to have one in my home! xx, Pip

  3. Love all of them!!! Thank you for posting my new house, church, and barn series paintings!!! You guys rock!!!

  4. One of my favorite garden ornaments inside or out. They are so dynamic and graphic!

  5. I have about 5 of these just waiting waiting waiting to be put…I cannot wait..this post was very inspiring for me

  6. These look amazing. We have one in the garden with a vining hydrangea. Really like the one you show by the staircase. Have a great day!

  7. Wow…you have given me something to think about! That pic from CT. homes and gardens is especially amazing. I love them for the outdoors, what an elegant way to accessorize the great outdoors…..

  8. I love them, too. I have one in the garden that I move indoors in the winter. It works everywhere.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful! I normally think of these for the outdoors but great images using them indoors as well!

  10. I’m a fan of armillaries. I acquired one a couple of years ago.

    Love the ones in the garden!!

  11. These look great and add a bit of grandeur to a space :)

    Abbey x

  12. They are sooo cool!!! I’d love to see one in a small garden we designed for a family last year. I’ve always felt something was missing. Now I know what it was!


  13. Great pics!! Boy those spheres look great anywhere!!!

  14. Gorgeous! I love the gardens!!



  15. They go anywhere! I love them too, and have used them inside and out.
    Happy Friday.

  16. Never thought much about them before…but they make a wonderful statement. Have a great weekend, girls…XO, Mona

  17. So graceful and lovely – just saw a gorgeous orange one on a Taste Maker Tag sale over at One Kings Lane. Sold of course, darn it!
    Have a lovely weekend. XO

  18. Such great examples. I have an armillary in the garden, but the indoor pieces are wonderful too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. So do we – how fun!
    C + C

  20. Totally love these!

  21. Oh yes. Especially when featured on a table to complete a grand entryway. Happy weekend to you!

  22. oh my this is pure paradise!
    thanks for the love honey, I’m following you now!

    P.S. Latest on my blog: Win $300 to spend on jewellery and bags at Boticca!


  23. I love armillary spheres :-) I was in Vancouver a few years ago and found one there that was exactly what I had been looking for. I just had to but it, even though it had to be shipped home. I also have a chandelier in the entry that’s very similar to an armillary sphere. I’m just a bit addicted 😉

  24. I had no idea what these were called – so thanks for the lesson! :) I like all of these examples a lot, but that one by the pool is definitely my favorite.

  25. I have always loved Armillary spheres, and you have truly rounded up some incredible ones to share… They add so much to a space, inside or out! One day, my dream is to have one of my own to enjoy :-)

  26. I never actually knew the name of these things but I love them!

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