Beaufort House Update!

 We wish we had extremely exciting Beaufort updates… You know, like furniture and rugs and light fixtures hanging. 
 We’re kind of at the boring part, though. Ripping out all those terrible ceilings took a solid week.
 But, on the bright side, the doorway from the master bedroom to the soon-to-be bathroom was cut.

Here’s another view.
 The wall to the bathroom separating it from the new hall has been framed. 
 And a lot of plumbing…
 And work for the new HVAC system has been going on! 

On a fun note, we are so thrilled to have gotten a couple of Kendall Bogg’s amazing paintings for the house! This one, A Black Tie Affair, is one of our all-time favorites of her work — hers too! — and we’re so glad we got it!
We couldn’t leave little Will out. He had to have a Kendall too!
We hope you all have an amazing week!


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  1. I am sure you will make up for the “boring” part of construction in the coming months. At least the project continues to progress! Have a great Monday! – Tonya

  2. Gosh!!! thanks gals!!! I’ve got a great story to tell you about painting “A Black Tie Affair”!
    (nothing too tainted…)

  3. Love the painting, of course.
    It appears things are underway and going strong. I know that you are SO excited! Love following along.
    Happy Monday.

  4. It’s so hard to get all the necessary stuff done that no one will ever truly appreciate, and get on to the decor stuff. It’s going to be a great house though. Love the art!

  5. My gosh, you have done so much and so fast. It looks like a big job, but worth it!

  6. Looks like there is no grass growing under your feet!! Lots of progress being made…very exciting. Love the art, fun and whimsical, gorgeous colors…what great inspiration to start with!! I so look forward to seeing this house become a home.

  7. Beautifully, boring!! Gorgeous artwork, can’t wait to see it incorporated in your home!

  8. Progress! It may not look pretty, but beauty is just around the corner and it’s exciting to see the progress. The paintings are lovely – I’m especially fond of “you had me at woof!” XOXO

  9. What is the quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”
    The progress is coming along, it takes time to get to the FUN part!
    I’m in the same situation here, waiting for MC to get one project of his room finished for me to show.
    Have fun…..that’s the main thing..

  10. Love seeing this progress! We try to make it to Beaufort at least once a year!

  11. so great that you’re documenting every stage. you will someday be glad you can see inside these walls!

    smiles to you.


  12. Oh I’m so jealous. I want a renovation project :) Getting restless here. Congrats on your fabulous new art!

  13. I’m excited to watch your progress and the paintings are beautiful!

  14. COming along! CUte painting….he had me at woof too!

  15. You know, we know that this home will be stunning! And right next to the water! That’s the part that really grabs me! Will be watching for updates, boring or not! :)

  16. Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

  17. It may not be to the “furniture and fixtures” stage but boy I am beginning to see the beauty of the rooms. How fun that you are making what seems like pretty quick progress.
    Love the Kendall painting.

  18. I have been through this before and know how tuff it is to get through this particular part, but it won’t be long until the fun part begins.We are looking at a 200 year old beauty here that needs some love, so may be joining you soon. Enjoy even the uninspiring times and have a blessed week!!Lisa

  19. How fun to see the bones of the house before you make it look all nice and pretty! We’re hoping to make some big changes around here, too. Have a great week!
    C + C

  20. Good, steady progress is promising. We tore out a walll once and inside found a newspaper (assumably from the day it was put in). Now, whenever I remodel I leave some sort of “time capsule” so that future inhabitants can know something of the house.

  21. Always boring in the beginning and then the excitement comes,although I am sure for you every little step counts!

  22. The construction part to me is always the fun part. I love doing the actual interiors, but seeing it all being put together is amazing!!

  23. Love the progress being made at you home!! And the Kendall Boggs paintings are fabulous!! The pup is too cute!!

  24. I hate and love this part. The ceilings look so much better, but work is slow. I love the art that you are using. Great work!
    xo, Lissy

  25. you have done so much and so fast. It looks like a big job, but worth it!

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