Pink and Gold and White…love!

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Some color combinations we simply can’t get enough of. We smatter them all over our houses, wear them as much as we can… Pink and gold is one of our favorite combinations, and, while Mom has this fabulous duo in her decor, I don’t have one stitch of pink in my entire house. (Well, okay, the coral in the sunroom is a bit on the pinkish side, but no pink.) These boys must be taking over!
Gerrie Bremermann Design
A bit of blush, a hint of hot, you can combine gold with any pink you’ve got! Sorry for the rhyme… I blame a little too much Sandra Boynton before bed?
There are slumber parties and then there are slumber parties. Have you ever?
Tuckered out from a fabulous day of shopping…
Tea for two is better for four!
the glitter guide
The only thing better than pink is a pink drink!
Blush is even lovelier with a little shimmer.
everything fab
Mom picked this pic special for me… What can I say? Bubbly makes everything better!
this is fabulous
Can’t you just picture this totally together woman? I spent all day organizing my bathroom, but, now that I see this, I realize there’s more to be done!
icing designs
Pink and gold: Good enough to eat!

  So there’s no actual gold in this one. But  those priceless words of wisdom are worth more than their weight in it. We hope, wherever you are this Monday morning, you bloom, bloom, bloom. If you need a little help, just ask our friends pink and gold!

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  1. says

    Never thought of using pink and gold together. I like pink, but you would probably never see me with a room like the second photograph, just a little too much for me. I love the first photograph, however, with touches of pink. Also love the little pink tents the girls have (and the rhyme!). I will take a macaroon in any color, but I have to admit I favor the pink with raspberry filling. Wishing you a great day! – Tonya

  2. says

    Your mom is a smart woman, I love that champagne button!!! I just call “Patrick”! I get the same results;) I love pink and gold, and really like to wear it, just trying to find ways to have it in my home…seem to be roses against my gold silk pillows as backdrop…work in progress. Great post!

  3. says

    As I began scrolling through your photos I thought, “These are as deliciously pretty as a macaroon.” and then came the macaroons themselves! A delightful way to start the week, thank you for the feminine confections and wise words. I am particularly liking “Press For Champagne.”

  4. says

    Pink and gold (: so beautiful, loving it with red contrast on something! I think it is my make up inspiration now… With my green eyes it will be a hit((: thanks for the wow pics.

  5. says

    I love these girly combinations but like you, my home doesn’t have a tinge of it.Yup, the boys “rule” the house, but maybe, the closet would be a good room for a dose of pink! Hmmm…. thanks for the inspiration ladies!

  6. says

    Those little girls are just darling! What a slumber party :) That neutral living room at the top is gorgeous … and I’ll have a seat at the table for a little tea after a long day of shopping.. sigh..

  7. says

    I adore pink. Sadly my husband has banned it from our house ever since I painted his apartment pink (I still argue it was more of a peachy blush) after I moved in with him 12 years ago. And I never got my girl so I have a ton of pent up pink in me just dying to get out! : )

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