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We hope you all had an amazing Halloween and treated yourself to plenty of delicious Halloween goodies! 
Today, we’re treating ourselves to an extra helping of something we love: Tolix chairs. They’re kind of like Reese’s Cups; one is good, but two is so much better!
We aren’t expert chair historians by a long shot, but we would be willing to bet that few chairs have made as big of a splash and had such prolonged popularity as the Tolix chair. 

The simple chair crafted of sheet metal, originally created by Xavier Pauchard for outdoors, hospitals and offices has found its way into homes and design schemes all across the globe — and, incidentally, the Vitra Design Museum, the Pompidou Center and even the MOMA.

Amy Neunsinger Photography
But, we must admit, we love it best at a dining room table. This dining room is such a fabulous juxtaposition of all the things we love. A chandelier for glamour, a farm table for that rustic feel and, of course, Tolix chairs for that industrial chic touch. This room is like that perfect first date outfit: It’s fabulous but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
When we think of Tolix chairs, it’s usually a silver tone that springs to mind, but who couldn’t use a little more color? Green is the most restful color, and, after a long day, we can’t think of much nicer than a delicious meal and a glass of wine around a restful table. 
WT Wonen
Ahhhh…There’s that silver we love so much. Combined with the industrial pendants, lacquer table and snazzy storage, this is such a great room. And magazines in the dining room? Why didn’t we think of that! 
Robert Stubbert Photography

One of our favorite things about Tolix chairs is that they’re super portable — and sometimes stackable. So you can dine in them one minute and pull them into the living room for extra seating, no backache required. Plus, they really transition seamlessly into any space.

Patrick Wade and David DeMattei Design – House Beautiful
Dining al fresco has never looked better. And we’re glad to know that Tolix chairs were originally designed for outdoor use. Stylish and durable is a perfect combination. I bet strawberry smoothie/mashed green peas/soggy Puffs/half-chewed banana would just wipe right off of these!
Jose Picayo Photography
Oh my goodness! We can’t decide which looks more delicious, the setting or the spread. The modern, sleekness of the Tolix chair is, to us, the ideal pairing for a farm table — sort of like the wine to that cheese… Grown-up trick or treating!
Colin McGuire Photography – Country Living
Who says a set of dining chairs has to match? Can you imagine a more idyllic spot for eating, resting or general merry making? If this was our backyard, we wouldn’t miss a meal out here! It really must be noted that a fabulous dining room makes everything taste better!

We were very lucky here in our little part of the East Coast that Hurricane Sandy didn’t give us too much trouble. Thinking of our friends in the aftermath of the storm. We hope that all is well with all of you and your families!


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  1. Such beautiful images and examples here. The first image took my breath away! There is something about these chairs, I agree.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. Love Tolix chairs too! Especially love the library/dining room idea with the chairs. Have a great day, glad you are escaped the storm unscathed!

  3. we have a couple, and i don’t think i’ll tire of them either.

    so versatile and easy to pull outside!

    hope you’ll stop by…i am now happily sharing photos and info about my paris trip!

    smiles to you.


  4. Love them!

  5. I had never thought of them as interior design elements years ago, but now I am appreciating their integrity and beauty!
    xo Nancy

  6. Fantastic post-the photos show such great examples of this chair-i have never used the chair before-but i am tempted after seeing this post!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  7. Me too! I have them in my dining room and I still LOVE them. Great pics!

    They are ideal with messy kids too.

  8. Amazing how they work in all the different environments! The first picture is awesome! Love the mix with the farm table and chandelier! Thanks for pointing out these little gems.

  9. perhaps 8 tolix chairs would be the best “treat” but choosing a color could induce serious decision disorder.

    a company called design legacy has well priced knock-offs!


  10. I love the mix of elegant and casual. very cool chairs!

  11. I love the look of tolix chairs… They look fabulous in so many different settings. Stylish chic to casual outdoor dining. Fantastic:)
    Ps…. Too many treats in my household at moment not good!!!

  12. Thanks for your well wishes..we need it here in New Jersey! On a happier note, I can’t get over how amazing these rustic chairs look in such formal settings..fantastic!

  13. Not a chair I would normally think of for indoors but have to say they look really pretty in an ecletic kind of way.

  14. Love them and always will!

  15. Agreed, so versatile!! From dining to garden you just cannnot go wrong with them!! Fun post!
    Stay well,
    Karolyn :)

  16. The images you’ve shared prove how versatile these chairs are. I liked each and every one, but the chairs, when paired with the farm table are my favorite. What a fun post and yes, I would love to dine al fresco in that setting!

  17. I have two Talix chairs in bedroom terrace…for breakfast “al fresco”…and I love them!
    It’s always so pleasant to visit your site!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Big hugs!

  18. these photos are gorgeous….


  19. Huge dining tables for big loving families :)

  20. so gorgeous! unfortunately i treated myself a little too much hahahah


  21. I was seriously considering getting these chairs or a look-a-like of these, for our breakfast nook. I ended up with the Louis Ghost chairs which I have been oodling over for awhile now. The only reason I didn’t go for the tolix was that I thought my tush would get cold early morning! LOL! I did not want to put any chair pads on my chairs, nope, not with kids around still. But I agree, they are definitely timeless pieces to have in any home.

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