White Subway Tile

Susan Geier and Michael Ranson Design
It’s no surprise that we can’t get enough light, bright, beautiful white. In a kitchen or a bath, there’s simply no color that feels as clean and refreshing. We all know when using a neutral palette, it’s crucial to mix up the shades and textures to make the room feel rich and deep, not sterile.
My Home Ideas
That’s why one of our favorite looks for the kitchen or bath is the streamlined, tailored, yet slightly out-of-the-ordinary look of white subway tiles. They add pattern and interest without being so bold as to take away from the other elements in the room. For us, subway tile is the same idea as fresh, crisp linens in a bedroom or bath. 
Taste Interior
While some varieties of subway tile can, of course, be pricey, one of our favorite things about this staple is that it is readily available in budget-friendly styles as well. We think adding a gray grout, like in this kitchen, gives even a generic tile a custom look — and coordinates beautifully with gray cabinets or grey veining in classic marble.
Cottage – Gardens
It really can’t be said enough: Lighting makes a space. The right lighting on this tile makes it sparkle and shine.
Kathy Manzella Designer
The many elements in this room are a feast for the eyes. (No pun intended!) A simple, clean backsplash ties it all together without feeling overwhelming.
Kathy Manzella Designer
We know we’re talking about tile here, but isn’t that range just to die for? Wow! And the open shelving here makes the space seem big and open.
Things That Inspire
Subway tile is perfect for a bathroom, and the gray grout not only customizes the look but is also much easier to keep clean than white! The whole point of a shower like this is to relax — not be scrubbing grout stains with a toothbrush!
Kyle Dillon Architecture
In a bath like this, subway tile is a great way to make an area fade into the background a bit while other elements like the marble bath and mosaic tiles shine in the forefront.
We love it on the walls, ceilings and floors.  
What a dreamy bath! That classic black and white tile combined with rich white marble and crisp subway tile is hands-down one of our favorite combinations for a timeless bath. Here’s wishing you a weekend full of bubble baths (and bubbly!) in a tub just this fabulous!


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  1. Gorgeous! I so agree nothing like white in a bathroom or kitchen, and subways tiles are my favorite thing. When we were planning out our home, I was obsessed with them and wanted them everywhere! They really are such a timeless classic..wishing you a great weekend!

  2. I love it. I used it in my kitchen and two bathrooms.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. so simple, classic and elegant! That 2nd kitchen is an all time favorite of mine =)

  4. Now I want to move! How clean and bright looking. Just love it!

  5. Wonderful Post! I now have a new, wonderful respect for subway tiles. Go Figure! In all the examples I was blown away….

  6. How beautiful! I wasn’t a big fan of subway tiles when I saw them in magazines and design shows. Then my sister-in-law put them in her kitchen and I fell in love. They really are a classic. Thanks for the beautiful images.
    Thank you as well for your very kind comments on Barbara’s blog. You guys are so sweet! Have a great weekend.

  7. Is there anything more beautiful? I love subway tiles, and these images are stunning.
    Hope that y’all are having a fun season.
    Happy Friday.

  8. Gleaming subway tile is in my plans for a future remodel!Gorgeous images.

    2012 Artists Feature

  9. Ah love it! I’m probably going to pin all of these. I’m trying to convince my husband that we need to replace all of the tile in our house with white subway tile. It’s my way of pretending to negotiate with something that’s not too expensive. I’m including this in my weekend links for sure!

  10. I couldn’t agree more and the photos you have chosen here are totally my style. When I redid the kitchens and baths in my first home I used a “crackle” tile cut down to subway size in the kitchen and a simple white subway paired with marble in the bath. When we moved a few years later, I did the same thing in our current home and still love it! Nothing looks fresher or cleaner and it seems timeless to me. Wishing you a happy weekend, too – love the idea of bubble bath and bubbly! XO

  11. Oooooh I loves me some subway tile:)
    It’s always JUST right. These photos are proof.
    Have a great day.

  12. White kitchens and bathrooms are my favorites! Each of these are so classic and timeless, you really can’t go wrong!

  13. I just remodeled our basement bathroom with white subway and marble tiles all from Home Depot. So happy with how it turned out.
    Have a great weekend ~

  14. As they say, white is always right! And I like a gray grout frequently as well – then it doesn’t look like a blizzard!! Have a great weekend!

  15. Loved all these images and I could not agree more! Subway tiles, especially white, are classic and gorgeous but add a certain interest factor to a space.

  16. Love subway tiles. We did matte white tiles in our kitchen and we couldn’t be happier.

  17. When we built our home, we went with subway tile as the backsplash in the kitchen and also around the fireplaces. Loved how it turned out. Gorgeous examples here. XX

  18. I’m looking forward to spending a nice long & leisurely Saturday morning here reading your gorgeous blog! Delighted to meet you and thank you for your wonderful comment at TLPC!
    Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

  19. I adore white subway tile! I just used it in the mountain house kitchen. I applied it counter top to ceiling–with open shelving. It looks so very clean and fresh!
    xo, Lissy

  20. I couldnt agree with you more it is a classic and one that I use in almost every project.
    Great post.

  21. Aaaagh, I know a lot of your readers are like me, who get relaxed just by seeing gorgeous rooms like these! Have a great weekend and thanks!

  22. I will never get sick of white subway tiles. I have that in two of my bathrooms. There’s nothing cleaner. And as you’ve shown here, it can be used in so many spaces. I actually used one of those kitchens in my last post!

  23. I love all of these rooms! Divine :)

    Abbey x

  24. The first time I heard about subway tiles I didn’t understand what all the excitement was about. I have never considered subways attractive. The smells alone are enough to discourage me from further inquiry. For awhile now, as evidenced by your pictures, subway tiles have found a place in kitchen design. But I am stuck with the subway image and still can not see them in my kitchen. The pictures are pretty though. Ann

  25. Wonderful post! Love that you brought grout into the discussion and how the grout color can totally change the character/feel of the tile and room. The devil is in the details.

    For some reason (is it a trend???) Sally and I have been asked by our last three clients to design bathrooms with various limestones using a running bond patten. All are in design and/or construction right now. Can’t wait to see then finished.

    Have a wonderful week.


  26. Fantastic post! Very inspiring! I love your eye,
    Have a great week!

  27. How did we ever get by without subway tile! These images are spectacular.

  28. Lovely places, I like that grey-blue color, and the bath is beautiful.

  29. One really cannot go wrong with classic subway tiles! THey are timeless and always clean and sharp, and as you have proven they work in any style of space as well!
    Great Post!
    xo Karolyn

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