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The kitchen might not be the first place that jumps to mind when you think about adding glamour. But just because it’s perhaps one of the most practical rooms in the house doesn’t mean it has to succumb to can lights. We love the splash of sparkle a chandelier can add to the heart of the home. Everyone wants to gather there anyway. Why not make it a room worth celebrating?
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  1. I could never imagine that a chandelier would make a beautiful kitchen look even prettier

  2. i’m a believer. we have two big ones in ours and i’d like another.

    gorgeous inspiration this morning!


  3. We are definately putting two chandeliers in our kitchen over the island. Love all of these! Makes me wish I had more than one kitchen. -Tonya

  4. cute pics; DDD

    new post !”!


  5. I am in LOVE WITH ALL OF THEM….
    I’d add more if I could..
    I would add a chandelier in the laundry room if I could convince MC to do it!!!!

  6. I second that…yes to a chandelier in the kitchen. Don’t think there’s a kitchen in this world that wouldn’t look pretty with one! Just a beautiful way to glam it up..hope your Christmas was merry and wonderful!

  7. Could not agree more! Everyone should have a chandelier in the kitchen!

  8. Your post stopped me in my tracks and I had to comment. I am a big fan of chandeliers and even have one in my laundry room. Beautiful post.

  9. I am a huge fan of chandelier and I have one in my kitchen! Every kitchen here is amazing!

  10. these kitchens are beautiful! my kitchen wouldn’t be a suitable place to hang a chandelier due to ceiling heights and the layout but I plan to put one up in my dining room!

  11. Lovely kitchens. In my opinion, chandeliers are a must in nearly every room, but especially in a kitchen.

  12. Love the second photo the cabinet color and chandelier.

  13. Love this look, in fact I put a crystal chandelier in my kitchen about 10 years ago. It really does make the kitchen a special little room. It makes it a PRETTY room, not just a working kitchen. Kathysue

  14. These chandeliers look great in the kitchen, love the Style at Home one – beautiful!

  15. Truly gorgeous! You can never go wrong with a chandelier in ANY room and I have GOT to start watching that show! Happy New Year!

  16. What amazing kitchens! The chandeliers are lovely but the kitchens are beautiful in every other detail as well.

  17. We all tend to look over these tiny things like chandeliers and proper lighting when it comes to home decoration. We don’t realize that the devil is in the detail.

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