Bunking Up

Lauren Leonard Interiors
My little boy is sleeping in his own big boy bed. Well, okay, it’s not so much a big boy bed as a mattress on the floor with guard rails on it. 
Sarah Richardson Design
He has just turned fourteen months old, but he’s a climber and we didn’t want to risk any major falls. It will be sad to see the crib and nursery go, but, on the bright side, that means it’s time for a big boy room!
When it comes to big boy rooms, we just love bunk beds! We were perusing the bunks at wooden-beds.com, getting all inspired and excited when my hubby happened to mention that he wasn’t a big bunk bed fan. (I know… What?!)
CWB Architects
For me, they conjure memories of camp and giggles and sleepovers… For my hubby they conjure memories of sleepless nights and being uncomfortable and fighting over who has to sleep on the bottom bunk…
Hutker Architects
Which can only mean one thing: No bunk beds for the little guy.
Palmer Weiss

But we can still look at bunk beds…

Jeffers Design Group

On the bright side, we’ve compromised and, at the Beaufort house, Will’s room will have three built-in twin beds complete with little ship’s lights for reading. 

Brian Watford Design
So, they won’t be bunk beds, but we’re hoping to create that same feel — and add some storage space with cute drawers underneath.
SB Architects
We think of bunks as being for little kids, but these great bunk beds are so very sophisticated. They look like they would be great to grow with.
Geoff Chick

How fabulous! Forget Will’s room. Maybe we should have bunk beds in ours
We hope you’re all having a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting us!


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  1. My favorite room in my Lake Placid home is the one with built in Bunks!! Just love them, and bunks come in to handy when you have limited space!
    Great Post!

  2. I love the look of a room with bunk beds- it “cleans” it up and uses the space so wisely ! Especially if they have drawers to “hide” all those boy toys in.


  3. I had bunk beds for my boys….they loved them. My oldest son wanted to sleep on the floor for such a long time after we got him a big boy bed. He slept where his crib use to be….on the floor!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my bunk room. What a nice surprise! I love how bunks maximize the space. Bunk beds or not, I’m sure Will’s new room will be adorable! Best, Lauren

  5. That sounds just like my husband! He had to share a room with his older brother and had the bottom bunk and HATED it. I on the other hand would love a bunk room in my house one day

  6. Bunk beds are so much fun but I really like the idea of three

  7. Wow! I always loved these cozy bunkbed spaces! I’m not sure if kids would love sleeping in those rooms though. But the design aspect is amazing!

  8. I LOVE bunk rooms! Am I too old to have one?

  9. awesome!! especially if your children’s friends are visiting!!

  10. Bunk beds have come a long way but I’ve never had them. They make sense to me at this stage in life as we are now grandparents to a toddler that visits us (California) from Texas. I keep thinking how fun it would be (when there are more than one grandchild) for the kids to sleep at grandma’s on bunk beads. A pair of twins is a fun look for a boys room too. I’ll look forward to see what you (and Mr.) decide.

  11. Bunk Beds! They look marvelous in magazines and show homes! And MC and I had them for our sons! But…my boys have the same memories as your husband!
    Sometimes you have to live through a great look…ha!

  12. I love bunk beds! My son had one and loved picking which one to sleep in for the night. My brothers would switch which one got which bunk. Your son will love them … go for it!
    xo, Lissy

  13. I love bunk beds! My son had one and loved picking which one to sleep in for the night. My brothers would switch which one got which bunk. Your son will love them … go for it!
    xo, Lissy

  14. Love all the rooms! They are so cute, and perfect for a little boy!


  15. I love all your pictures they make me want to have a bunk bed!lol!
    I had a trundle bed when I was young and I think it was a great alternative to a bunk bed,my sister didn’t think so all the times I shoved her in the drawer! Maybe you shouldn’t get one!:)

  16. Love the first one. They are all such cute setups though!

  17. I can’t believe it’s been 14 months already! I love all these rooms; great inspiration! XX

  18. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment yesterday! I’m with you on the bunks! I look forward to just having two good sized kiddo bedrooms one day – one for the girls and one for the boys! Sounds like the built-in beds are a great alternative and the bonus is that they won’t be such a pain to make! : ) Rachel

  19. I just absolutely love that first image – so beachy but still stylish – a great inspiration for my new beach house!

  20. I have always loved bunk beds but never had one growing up. So much great inspiration here! Cannot believe your baby is already 14 months old!

  21. they’re so charming to see in pics, but oh the bad memories!!! i’m thinkin dorm room and so many regrettable sleepless nights at camp.

    smiles to you.



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