Coffered Ceilings…

Susan Gilmore Photography
Plain old ceilings with plain old ceiling white might be a staple.
Ashlee Raubach Photography
But, really, can’t we do better?
Tobi Fairley Design
Nothing thrills us more than when that fifth wall (sixth wall?) brings something to the table.
Phoebe Howard Design
Coffered ceilings add warmth, interest, and, oh yes, tons of style!
Better Homes and Gardens
We adore them especially in kitchens, where they add such a homey feel.
Susan Gilmore Photography
Exposed beams are great, but, if they feel a little too rustic, shiny white coffered ceilings add that same distinct element while still feeling fresh and modern.
Brooke Giannetti Design
Especially when you don’t want to lose an inch of ceiling height, a flat molding on the ceiling can form a fabulous pattern without stealing much of that precious floor-to-ceiling space.
Kelly G. Design
The paneling throughout this space is gorgeous! It’s an accessory in and of itself.
Pioneer Construction Co.
Great cabinetry and a beautiful coffered ceiling absolutely make a kitchen.
Urban Electric Co.
Of course, a coffered ceiling is no reason to skimp on the fabulous lighting… Not that any of you ever would!
Angus McRitchie Photography
Oh my goodness,  only four shopping days left… We hope you’ve all shopped ’til you dropped and are enjoying a mug of cocoa beside a roaring fire admiring your tree!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Lovely – you always feature such fantastic things!

  2. the photos!! we are getting a new kitchen after Christmas…so i especially love the photos!!
    Merry Christmas!

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