Things We Love: Sconces


Jonathan Rosen Design

Nate Berkus
William R. Eubanks and David Mitchell Brown Design
John Coolidge Photography

Vicky Weiss Photography

Brie Williams Photography
Jamie Herzlinger
Chicago Apartment


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  1. Simply beautiful!!!

  2. I adore gorgeous sconces, they are treasures to me!

    2012 Artists Series,

  3. Lovely wall adornments. It’s interesting how many of the photos are neutral tones…I think I may be leaning that direction again.

  4. They can really make a room! Adoring that last one! Tracey xx

  5. Beautiful – and so much more to love in addition to the sconces.

  6. Big fan of the sconces! They are all so beautiful dont know which I like best!xo Karolyn

  7. Love them too and have them literally all over my house. I love the look and the soft glow of light they cast especially at night. Hope all is well and hope you have a great day!

  8. I think sconces add a wonderful element to any room!!! halls, baths, over mantels…everywhere they are, they “up” the look!
    I love that first example!!!

  9. I have been looking for an antique pair for my dinning room…Some of these are beautiful!

  10. You outdid yourselves today! GORGEOUS. I love the sconces inthe second image.
    Happy Thursday.

  11. I love sconces so much! I’m with Tina, I love having them on in the evening for their soft glow.

  12. Mel@Georgica POnd says:

    Gorgeous as usual – love all these images. Pin pin pin!

  13. Ok I wish that when we had some work done on our home that I would have tried to include them somewhere. Our house could not handle anything to ornate because it is small but they add such character to a space…love them!

  14. I adore them as well,and always plan to add plenty of them in my home when building. Another idea I like as well is using outdoor ones inside,especially in a cottagey setting!

  15. There are at least 3-4 pair of sconces I’d love to own, and the rooms they are in! :-)

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