Beautiful Bathroom Showers

Better Homes and Gardens
For better or worse, it’s a place we spend time every, single day.
Crisp Architects
For many of us, it’s the first thing we see in the morning…
Home Bunch
Or the last thing we see before we fall asleep!
Better Homes and Gardens
Our showers are about so much more than just getting us clean; they frame our days!
SDG Architects
So, since we spend so much time in them, we may as well go the extra distance to make that time well spent, even, dare we say, inspirational.
I have to admit, I usually get my best ideas in the shower!
That being said, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s definitely time for a master remodel over at my house.
Creative Living
Something like this may be out of the question. Isn’t it so soothing, though?
Grant K. Gibson
Something like this shower stall may be a tad easier of a transformation… As you know, I’ve been debating whether to replace my brass shower door or work it into the new scheme. 

Lori Pepe-Lunche
How do you feel about the open-glass look? I like it, but I wonder if it would feel a little breezy in there… Anybody have one?
Desire to Inspire
This bathroom definitely thinks outside the box. I’d never even considered using something that wasn’t a typical shower door.
Optimum Windows

Tea for two… Shower for two… That’s a lot of togetherness!

This is our kind of shower! Light, bright, simple and sparklingly clean! Which shower is your favorite? 
Happy Friday, friends! We hope you all have a great start to your weekend!


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  1. Great pics – would be hard to pick a favorite they are all so fabulous

  2. What great images! I would love to have the one that’s a dark framed window. That’s really different. Today, most are opting for the frameless versions.
    We have the builder’s typical chrome framed door…it probably will not get changed….UNLESS IT BREAKS!!

  3. Love all of these beautiful showers… With teenage boys in the house, ours gets used at least twice a day by each kid! Happy weekend, Ladies.
    C + C

  4. my favorite is every and all of them! serious swoonage going on over here. what an incredible way to start the day!

    saving some of these to my dream file, lovely ladies so thanks!


  5. Love the fourth and seventh bathroom but they are all so pretty!!!

  6. I cannot pick they are all beautiful. Great post!!

  7. Thank you! I am totally bringing these examples with me to the tile store next week! We are updating our tiny master and I have to nail down the tile asap!! I especially like the basic whit subway tile with colored tile mixed into the design….Awesome inspiration!!

  8. We had an open glass shower in our last house and I loved it. Our bathroom was a bit small so it felt a bit less claustrophobic. I’d love to start or end my day in any one of these beauties though.

  9. I’ve had the open concept shower, a huge one, using glass blocks; it wasn’t cold at all. I prefer the beautiful clear glass though, it just looks so much prettier to me. If you remodel a bit check out the Hansgrohe fixtures, I think they are well worth the $$ and simply the best. Lovely post. xx’s

  10. So true, we spend a considerable amount of time in there (at least I do:). Lovely post. xo Caroline

  11. I love a large shower. And I can’t wait to design my own. Love all these options you’ve shown

  12. Gorgeous! I especially like the ones with a window in them for such great light. Beautiful post as always!

  13. These are all so beautiful. The one by homebunch is a dream. I love the look of a white marble shower.

  14. Something about the dark finish of both bathroom
    doors- absolutely love. Very different- thanks for
    sharing. It has me totally inspired ! Always hated
    the plain glass and lack of choice in metal finish-
    those are great !

    Cashmere Interiors

  15. Thanks these are beautiful. I have just completed a bathroom update and have an open glass shower. Works really well, love the feeling of space and sooo easy to clean.

  16. Just finished talking to the hubbie about master bath redo! It was the one thing that we had in our architecture plans that we did not do for the recent renovation. I’m not sure about the open shower concept. I think it would work well in warm climates, but it’s just too darn cold up here. We’re planning to do a steam shower.

    And, I inherited brass fixtures, too. I actually like them now, but b/c they need replacing, I’m going to go ahead and go silver this go around.

    Hope you’re enjoying a nice long weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  17. I love #3 the best, although I’m afraid of rust with any form of steel. I love all the glass shower area, just lazy about the cleaning and would go nuts with trying to keep it clear. I guess, I still am a frosted glass kinda’ gal! :-)

  18. I am loving our master bathroom shower…it has a glass door…and I do like have that to keep the warm steam in. You have shown such gorgeous examples!

  19. These are all beautiful and I would be happy with any of these!I drive myself insane keeping my glass shower sparkly clean:-). xx

  20. Splendide. …Difficile de faire un choix. ..

  21. Breathtaking bathroom makeover. I am amazed to see these stylish bathrooms.

    Plumbing in Wembley

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