Canopy Beds

Phoebe Howard
As you might remember from our post on gray and brass, I’m chomping at the bit to redo my master bedroom and bath.  
Phoebe Howard
I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the esteemed Phoebe Howard and the marvelous Mary Macdonald, and proclaiming that I need a canopy bed.
Phoebe Howard
It looks so luxurious…
Phoebe Howard
So romantic…
Dorya Interiors via Traditional Home
 So chic…
The no-curtain look is sleek and fabulous,
Tish Key
And lends that clean, streamlined feel that we adore. 
There’s something so warm, cozy and inviting, though, about luxuriating in all that fabric. 
Phoebe Howard
What a lovely spot for breakfast in bed!
Ruthie Summers via Veranda
Fit for a princess… 
How do you feel about canopy beds? Which one would you choose?
Happy Monday, friends! We hope it’s a wonderful week!

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  1. So fancy, I like it

  2. ooo I love canopy beds. At some point I will need to have one.

  3. So romantic! Love them!! I wish I had a bigger bedroom

  4. I had a canopy bed as a little girl … and loved the cocoon it provided when I went to bed. I’d like that feeling again! Beautiful images! xo

  5. these re beautiful! I love one with curtains…so luxurious….but I love the ones without s well for a modern look.

  6. I think Phoebe Howard does the best bedrooms – I have never seen one that did not beckon.

  7. Well, truth be told I can’t live without one! We have had ours in our room for at least 20 years as well as the pair I had made by a wonderful craftsman for my daughters room 15 years ago at least! So, obviously I am partial to them and love the ones you showed us!

  8. I love them all. Thinking I might be needing a canopy, so cozy! Love seeing the different pillow choices.

  9. I have always loved a canopy bed…it looks romantic!

  10. LOVE THEM!
    We had one. I “gifted” it to Erica. It was iron and really fit her and her new home after she married!
    While we had it we had it with fabric and without. You know us…tried all the looks!! I think MC preferred the tailored look best.

  11. These are all perfection! My favorite has to be the Ruthie Summers — pink!!

  12. I love the look but my husband feels its too frilly and frou frou so the only one who gets one here is my daughter!

  13. Gorgeous! Although if I had a canopy bed I’m pretty sure you would never get me out!

  14. You know that growing up in a chateau in Belgium was a prerequisite for having canopy beds! Ours were pink and white stripe on the inside and chintz on the outside. Love your inspiration for a new master bedroom!
    C + C

  15. I would choose the first or second and I love those neutral colour schemes – so restful.

  16. I love all your examples, I want a versatile type of anopy bed – meaning, one that will look good even without the fabric. Let’s face it, though it is so gorgeous to have all that fabric around your bed, cleaning it would be tough , so the canopy bed has to stand on its own. But either way, it really makes a huge impact in a bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  17. can’t wait to grab my ipad and study these at length after the sun goes down!

  18. Yes. Love the canopy beds. I tend to lean toward the metal ones more. But love the soft curtain ones maybe for a little girl. Lovely Inspiration!

    P.S. I am having an awesome giveaway on my blog. come check it out.


  19. The perfect cocoon for winter! All of these images are gorgeous. The linens in the first two photos is so pretty. Love it!

  20. I have always loved canopy beds…I think it’s the inner princess in all of us!

  21. Such a fan of a personal little tented space. That pink bed is dreamy!

    Holly Phillips @ The English Room

  22. How soothing are these beds?? They’re a dream…just perfect for before I go to sleep!

  23. I so love canopy beds … it gives such an elegant private feel to a bedroom. Love Phoebe Howard’s work. Beautiful pics!
    best wishes

  24. This is something I can only dream about as I have such a teeny tiny bedroom (and I think you need a very big bedroom for this to work). We had a canopy bed in a little English B&B we stayed in last year and it was nothing short of magical! x

  25. One of my friend have this kind of bed in his bedroom, he installed some extra pipes to the metal bed and added some really nice fabric to give it a great look, my wife has asked me several times to do something like this to our bed but i am too lazy for that.

  26. Ya know? I think it’s one of those ideas that we might love to dream about, but when actually done might regret? Just thinking out loud here. As I’m looking at the pictures I was feeling a bit claustrofobic. What do you think? I think the open ness might be one you wouldn’t ever regret.

  27. I’ve always loved canopy beds! They are such a great way to add some drama, romance in a room!! Great examples

  28. I had a canopy bed when I was a little girl. I’ve thought I’d love one as an adult but never had the right room for one. These are wonderful.

  29. I love canopy beds. Mine would be clean and sleek, yet when I see the ones with fabric I can’t help but wonder how cozy it would be to sleep in one.

  30. Mel@Georgica Pond says:

    Oh how I love these. So dreamy. So pretty. So elegant.

  31. beautiful 😉

  32. I love your canopy bed selection!I have personally never had one but they do look great!

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