Holy Sheetrock!

 Oh my goodness, what a difference a few (hundred!) pieces of sheetrock can make! After a long stretch of doing all those things that you can’t really see — i.e., plumbing, electric, roof, repointing the chimneys, etc., etc., we finally have progress! Little Will’s room has walls…
The old doorway in the downstairs master has been covered and the new one cut…
 The downstairs master bathroom no longer has a view to the pantry! It also has a new bathtub…
As does the upstairs master!
 The kitchen is all ready for floors, paint, cabinets and appliances!
 The chaise lounge reading room/fishing rod storage area — as you can see, we’re still negotiating on this one — has brand new windows, no cabinets and fresh sheet rock!
  The half bath is a foot taller!
 The backyard has been completely cleared out and is getting ready for new wood and a new screened porch — and parking pads.
 The front yard has been cleared of the scruffy bushes and is ready for new plants and some fresh, beautiful sod.
If you want to revisit some of the “before” photos, check out the downstairs and the upstairs original photos.
 We can’t wait until we have final “after” pictures. It’s getting closer! 

In other news, we have to thank our friend Mon — you know her from the so fab Splendid Willow — for sending Will THE BEST birthday gift! Seriously, he’s so impressed with himself and his big number one every time he wears this shirt. She has them on her super chic store Splendid Avenue. If you want to be the cool aunt/mom/friend/sister/brother, this is the gift!
We hope you all have a fantastic day. Thanks so much for visiting us!


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  1. It’s thrilling! So excited for you. You could be enjoying the house this spring!

  2. The house is coming along beautifully, I bet you will be plannng for furniture and fabrics in no time…so exciting!
    Happy birthday to Will..love his new shirt and Mon is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful despite being such a busy lady. Have a great day:)

  3. Oh man, my sweet little man Tagg just turned one last week and I would have LOVED to have him in this shirt for his party. Maybe it’s not too late to rock it for the spring?

    Oh, and I’m loving the progress shots of the house!

  4. Wow, such progress…its coming along beautifully…love Wills new shirt… So cute!

  5. Very exciting…what a charming house!!! Happy First Birthday to Will.
    Hope it’s a great one!

  6. awe – the little one is adorbs! – i remember when i remodeled my house – i couldn’t’ WAIT for the sheet-rock to go up! – can’t WAIT to see “after” pics – i know it’ll be amazing!

  7. Oh My, it’s looking like a Home! I am so excited about seeing this! How great can this be!!!

  8. I cannot wait to see the final reveal!!!

  9. Very exciting! It’s going to be so fantastic — can’t wait to see!

  10. So exciting to see it all coming together. I am sure the decorating will be a blast in this place! -Tonya

  11. Am so excited for you; we’re at that same stage though ours is a new build not Reno. Love the shirt……perfect! X kl

  12. How exciting. It’s fun watching the progress.

  13. It’s really coming along! Love seeing the progress.
    Have a great weekend

  14. No matter what the headache may be or dilemma it may have, the house is still PROGRESSING beautifully, just the way you want it. :-)

  15. How exciting!! Now you can start planning where you want furniture to go!
    So fun watching the progress – it’s going to be beautiful!


  16. I just love that combo as well, its such a great mix of warmth yet cool and sharp!
    Great post!!
    xo Karolyn

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