In Good Taste: Lee Ann Thornton

There’s no way around it: Lee Ann Thornton is our kind of designer.
Her designs are homey and comfortable, yet chic, chic, chic. 
Beautiful blues are hard to come by, but this designer absolutely nails it. The patterns are fabulous too!
Those stairway nooks can be tricky, but we think this one is cozy and sweet — and genuinely might get some use.
We’ve been struggling with pendant size in the Beaufort kitchen. We like that these designers aren’t afraid to go big!
On the other hand, why use pendants when you can think outside the box?
We absolutely love a bar. It’s perfect for those on-the-run meals.
You had us at Perrier and lemons!
More of those gorgeous blues…
Blue and brown is such a winning combination.
The patterns in this room combine seamlessly.
We are obsessed with the pattern in this rug… and pretty much everything else in this entrance hall. 

We’re swooning over this fabulous bamboo chair and it’s fabric. Yes, please! 
We hope you agree that Lee Ann Thornton’s work is in good taste! 
Wishing you a tasteful Tuesday!


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  1. Hey!! okay, I’m loving that mint/pale green in the first canopy bed pic right below here. Might that be an option in one of your rooms at the beach? Check out my newest abstrat. Every time I paint this color the painting gets snatched up. Think it’s gonna be really hot with charcoal grey. Have a great day girlies!!

  2. White & Pastels are my next best thing!

  3. Beautiful work. I agree the blues in the living rooms are gorgeous. Great kitchens, too. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Everything is stunning but I’m with you I love the patterns in the staircase nook, I want that wallpaper!


  5. Beautiful, loving a lot here! Caroline

  6. The entrance and kitchen are perfection. I love her work!
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. So beautiful. Love all the traditional spaces. That wallpaper in the second pic is fantastic. I hope one day I am cooking in a kitchen like that!

  8. Again, you have in “Love”! Your designs and the work you find of others just grab me!!! Thanks for sharing it all!

  9. I love her work… the epitome of good taste! …and that bamboo chair and fabric is fantastic.

  10. Well done, clean and sophisticated!
    Agreed!SHe is a sharp designer!

  11. LOVE so much about her work that I could go on and on. I think I have some of those photos already pinned…but I may just pin them again to be sure!
    Thanks so much.

  12. What a yummy post! Just what we need this time of year. Love her designs…

  13. Her rooms are gorgeous. Love the second one! Also love her choice of pendents. Just discovered your blog, and am asking myself why I haven’t discovered you sooner! ~Delores

  14. inspiring fabrics..I actually purchased the blue zebra due to this photo

  15. I’ve never heard of her…yet now I am in love! These pictures are incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this! I lOVE IT!!

  16. There’s a lot of goodness going on in these pics. I’ll take them all.

  17. I love this designer and her work transports me to a beautiful place!
    FYI I too discuss light size and style on my blog tomorrow so if you want you can have a look!

  18. Mel@Georgica Pond says:

    LeeAnn is one of my all time favourite designers and when I imagine who I would choose to decorate my house if I could afford anybody, she would be in the top 5 for sure!

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