Kitchen Organization

Peter Callahan
When it comes to fabulous organization a la New Year’s Resolutions, it all starts in the heart of the home.
Jacque Lyn Clark
Now that the kitchen in the Beaufort house is getting actual sheetrock this week (Woo Hoo!!) we’re starting to think about how we’re going to keep it sparkling and organized. Opening cabinets and seeing fabulous baskets make us so happy!
The Social Home
Mom was doing a little Etsy research — they have everything on there, don’t they? — and, while I recently purchased a gaggle of cute chalkboard labels on there for my house, Mom found these for Beaufort. They are the same beautiful blue as the paint and the font is great! 

The Social Home
Opening a cabinet that looks like that makes the entire day feel better. It’s like a giant yoga breath!
A Humble Magic
For my pantry and cabinets at home, I decided to go with hermetically sealed jar after jar after jar. You can really put anything in a jar. Rice, flour, sugar, seaweed, Amy’s organic bunnies, teething biscuits… It’s kind of awesome. I got mine from The Container Store — Love that place!
I’m a huge tea drinker, so I’ve been trying to come up with solutions for all those little packages. I found a pretty tea box that now lives in one of my drawers, but, in the spirit of all that matching glass, I’m switching to loose leaf teas. They feel so elegant! Kind of like a great wine…
We didn’t decide to go with open shelving for the Beaufort house, but that doesn’t mean that the interior shelving can’t look as fantastic as if it were on display all the time.
A Well Traveled Woman
Even mismatched sets look orderly when they’re in neat rows.
Better Homes and Gardens
This is such a fantastic, space-saving idea for silverware. Plus, you can just grab the handle without getting the silverware all germy.
Amy Vermillion pinterest
Dream. Pantry. Nothing else to say.
Jenny Steffans Blog
Those little hooks are so fantastic! No more digging around in the drawers for measuring cups…
Habersham Blog
There’s nothing like a built-in silverware drawer. 
Glass canisters are such a clean, classic look. Plus, having all the staples right there on the counter is so easy.
Ginger Sorbara
This gorgeous open shelving proves that everything doesn’t have to match to look organized.
Martha Stewart
This is so creative! I’m not sure that we would ever eat that many apples or potatoes, but it sure does look nice. We’re getting so excited for how neat and tidy we’re going to be in the new year. How about you?

Our Kitchen Organizing!

Happy 2013, friends! We are so incredibly humbled by your visits, comments and kindness all year round. This year we hope that you keep all your resolutions and that all your dreams come true!


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  1. Good morning and happy new year! I am up early and it feels great…all is quiet, just how I like it:)
    WOW…I am officially inspired. I want to go and reorganize my entire kitchen!! This is amazing…so many beautiful ideas. My head is spinning and lets just say I have a lot of work ahead of me, look forward to more great tips and inspiration. Cheers to 2013!

  2. I had to laugh after reading your post yesterday about being more organized. I turned around to start baking something and went to reach into the cupboard for a tart pan only to get disgusted with how unorganized my baking pan cupboard was. I dragged everything out and reorganized it in hopes it will stay that way…we shall see. Great images for organizing things.

    Happy New Year to you both and your families!


  3. The perfect post for the first day of the new year! I am going to be working around the house today and see a lot of inspiration here. Many things to pin as well! Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

  4. Since my husband is very OCD we have an unusually organized home. Good and bad, I am always under his thumb is the downside but the good side I know where everything is at all times, haha.
    Happy new year.

  5. ok, now I’m depressed. Time to organize my kitchen drawers. Those tea bags all lined up are amazing. Seriously, great post!

  6. Perfect examples of pantry organization!!! I need to re-do mine again, after getting things organized earlier last year, it’s now back to it’s chaotic state!!! Thanks for the inspirations and a happy 2013 to you and your family!

  7. Love this…I’m working in my studio right now organizing book shelves, purgng, shredding paper etc. I love all the examples here. I’m pretty organized and every season check it to keep things tidy.

    It relaxes your mind to be able to find things and you remember more of what you have so you don’t duplicate a purchased item.

    Less is more and an organized home is a happy home.

    Great start for a new year!

    My cabinet insides look like a storm went through!
    Now…..I am putting this on MC, Girls! He’s in charge of our shopping, storage and food prep!
    He hates organization!!!! He hates the WORD! I am forbidden to use it!
    I wish I could have even a little of this organization….I will dream!
    But I wouldn’t change anything for that to have MC do all the wonders he does!!!!!

  9. How inspiring! I’m working on a closet organization feature! Happy New Year – All the Best!

  10. Adore everything in this post and it’s inspired us to get organized in the kitchen. That and the five pounds gained over the hoidays means we’ll be throwing out some sweets! Happy 2013 to you and your families – may it be filled with joy and blessings!
    C + C

  11. Happy New Year! I am loving all of these ideas and gorgeous kitchens. I’m hanging my head in shame a bit -my cabinets need some serious re-organizing. Stale cereal and the whole nine yards. xo

  12. Happy New Year!! After all the cooking, dinners and holiday events, I seriously need to organize and clean up our kitchen. And January indeed is a good month for that. So cold and damp outside. Thanks for all the inspirations :)
    Cheers to 2013 ~ Very best, Loi

  13. welllllllll, shut my mouth, that is quite the organized mamba jamba.

    one can dream.

    peace and joy to you in the new year!

    smiles from HL.


  14. Thank you for such a beautiful post! I got so excited looking at all the organized spaces!!!! Pop over to my blog and make sure you enter to win a ticket to design camp!!!!

  15. I have a tea drawer that looks like the picture.. and an open shelf with a few white pieces.. otherwise everything could use a re-do. I like the idea of baskets and containers with labels! So pretty to open up a linen or pantry cabinet that’s organized and looks pretty too:)

    Happy New Year!


  16. I am putting glass canisters at the top of my list! It really does not take that much to have your rices, oatmeal, granola, couscous,etc ready to go!

    All the best in The New Year ahead!

    Art by Karena

  17. I love all those clear glass canisters, they are so elegant. I have been lucky to get a large number of huge glass Maxwell house coffee jars with red lids which my best friend’s mother drinks in huge quantities. I now have 30 of them and they look so unified in my pantry.
    I love all your posts on organisation. I am using these 4 days to clean up and organise the house while my husband and kids are off camping and fishing. It is our long Summer holidays here and the house is suffering from a month of kids and visitors.
    Happy New Year for 2013.

  18. Wow! The kitchen looks really great and shiny. It’s every cooks and food enthusiasts everywhere. Everything’s really in place.

  19. This is the idea post to motivate me to do some serious organizing in my own kitchen, especially after shoving things wherever they would fit while entertaining out of state family!
    The tea/coffee drawer is fabulous. Oh, to start from scratch building a kitchen!
    The canister labels are wonderful.

  20. So many inspiring photos, makes me want to go and reorganize my kitchen now!

  21. Great storage options you’ve shown. Absolutely love the tea drawer accessory!!! I need this.


  22. Do I have to? Kidding…great ideas!
    Happy 2013,

  23. I have to get more organized! This post was incredibly inspiring/ depressing (because I wish my kitchen looked this way!) We just installed some open shelves in our kitchen, I love them. A great way to display all those bits and pieces too pretty to shut away in a cupboard. Happy New Year! Yels xox

  24. Seriously- you had me at the first kitchen- It is getting me so inspired ! I have a beautiful kitchen- but not so much on the organization part.
    Lots of goodies to refer back to when that time comes- which needs to be sooner than later.. ha



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