Monday Musings: Beach Chic

The Fuller View
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was a gorgeous one here in NC, and, frankly, we aren’t ready for it to be over! Are we ever really ready, though?
Hickman Interiors
The Beaufort house is finally looking like it might come together! The paint color samples looked great, and the door and window frames and moldings are mostly up. Next comes the paint, floors, kitchen, etc. 
Hickman Interiors
We are shamelessly daydreaming of the days when it will all be finished, although, this really has been one of those times that the journey has been as amazing as the destination will hopefully be. We’re getting inspired just looking at all these beautiful photos!
The Fuller View
Natural beauty is the best!
The Fuller View
Binoculars are a beach necessity. If they’re antique, all the better!
The Fuller View
Love the shabby chic!
The Fuller View
This color scheme is quintessentially coastal.
The Fuller View
Who says silver needs to be polished to perfection? Between boat rides and sunbathing, who has the time?
The Fuller View
The ties on these drapes are perfection. So casual, yet chic.
The Fuller View
A chaise is great anywhere!
The Fuller View
We hope we nailed this fantastic water blue for the backs of the dining room bookshelves.
Old buoys are almost as good as the water behind them! 
We hope your Monday is as fun as your weekend was!

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  1. Perfect!! Cute ideas.

  2. Can I come visit when ur finished;)

  3. LOVE your ideas for a beach house….perfect! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see this come along..its going to be amazing!

  4. I am watching with delight as your Beaufort home emerges!! Love the Navy and white bedroom. Beachy, yes, but sophisticated!! And I am ALL about tarnished silver!! Happy Monday! xo

  5. If your new home is anything like these images it’s going to be stunning and I can’t wait to see.


  6. so beautiful. Whenever I am shopping around I always think to myself how certain peices would be perfect for a beach house! Hopefully one day I will be able to decorate one for myself!

  7. You know I am keeping tabs on that darling Beaufort house. I like this beach look far more than the theme-y look most people end up with.

  8. I adore all the ideas you have for your home….Its going to be amazing!

  9. love the non-polished silver look for trophies….and old buoys…beautiful inspirational images.

  10. I have gotten several great ideas from this gorgeous post. I especially love the bed/shelves room!
    I hope that both of you are having a great month.
    Happy Monday.

  11. Today’s images are so pretty! Love this look. Favorite, that chaise!
    I can only imagine how gorgeous Beaufort will be!

  12. Happy long weekend ladies! I have so enjoyed an extra day of having my kiddos and hubbie around. They did a day ski trip (one advantage of living this far north) and I’ve gotten a few things done around the house.

    Starting to work on the “interior decor” phase of our renovation…I have been waiting patiently for the “green light”. So inspired by your project and these photos!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Just the inspiration I needed , we just started a clients beach house renovation and you now have me geared up for it!!Thanks!

  14. I knew when I saw “Beach Chic” from the “Design Chic” ladies I had to take a look! That tieback is so perfect and I love the cabinet with the curiosities – gorgeous!

  15. Mel@Georgica Pond says:

    I was delirious looking at these images. Saved and pinned them all. Thank you!.

  16. Who doesn’t love Beach Chic! Now we just need some sun and warm!

  17. love the interiors that are inspired by the sea and the sand

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