New Year’s Organization, Take 3!

Mark Sikes (magazines)
In case you didn’t have enough organization yesterday or the day before, we have a few more inspiration photos for keeping all those shelves, cabinets and drawers in tip top 2013 shape!

This is always my aspiration for my office. Here’s the thing: If they wouldn’t keep sending me more bills and mail after I got it all filed away, then my desk would always be perfectly neat and tidy. Geez.

Better Homes and Gardens
We have organizational goals, sure, but I can’t ever foresee a time when my wrapping paper will be gorgeously displayed like this. I’m not thrilled about it being shoved in a chest drawer in my entrance hall, but I think neat rows are all I can strive for!
Better Homes and Gardens
We are drowning in children’s books, but it isn’t practical to keep them all hidden behind cabinets — too hard to grab when the little squirmer will stay still for two minutes. This is cute, organized and super practical for toddlerhood!
Chandra Beck
Ok. Now it’s time for some opinions. We keep our shoes in the shoe boxes in the shoe shelves in our closets. But when we see photos like this it makes us want to ditch them. What do you think? Boxes or no?
Kate Morgan
Sigh… We’ve dealt with plain, dry cleaners, wire hangers for years, but there’s no denying that all those wood ones make quite the impression.
Better Homes and Gardens
Double sigh. So lovely.
Lonny Magazine
We’re in heaven. Our hands-down favorite organizational tool is the natural fiber basket. So gorgeous!
Better Homes and Gardens
We can only imagine how easy Christmas wrapping could be next year in a space like this…
Pulp Design Studio
This is a hair more realistic for us!
Country Living Magazine
Oh, wow! I’ve been trying to talk Will into a garden shed lately. If the inside could be this organized I think I might win my case…
Marianne Simon
This makes us want to become hard-core gardeners.
La Dolce Vita

This is what we need. A plan. It all seems so easy right here in black and white. (And green.) 
We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day and are feeling super inspired for whatever you are going to do this year — or, better yet, super relaxed that you’re where you want to be already! Thanks for reading today. Stop by tomorrow. We might put up a few pics of our organizational progress!


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  1. says

    Ladies, you really did get me moving yesterday. All the Christmas decorations were put away and that led to the unglamourous but very necessary organizing of the basement and garage. Today I am working on closets – much more fun. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. says

    You are really taking this organizing seriously! I long for shoe organization like that photo, and have thought about having a gift paper station built. I dont think, however, my garden tools will ever look that clean and organized. -Tonya

  3. says

    love the double desk on photo 3!! I wish that cleaning calendar worked for me….but I’m a neat freak and I need bathrooms fully cleaned everyday! and deep vacuuming twice a week…my problem is more the putting things away…closets and the like. The images are a great resource for ideas! Thank you!!

  4. says

    I am officially inspired!! This makes me want to go on a serious organization binge for my entire house…one step at a time. Funny, I used to have the shoe box thing too….took up a lot of room. Now I just keep boxes for very good shoes but most of my shoes boxes get chucked, it takes up a lot of room and its fun to see the shoes all lined up (well kinda) Have fun in your many projects and please be sure to share any tips!

  5. says

    Secrets of a Retired Organizational, cleaning freak!
    Before coffee, I literally dust/ wipe,all tables, shelves, windows, appliances. Think I’ve included all…but I look at it as my daily exercise. I’m up and down and moving. I am NOT a gym person! After coffee I vacuum and wipe with a wood cleaner our wood floors, clean up the baths and make the bed. I would say that all of this together takes about an hour and a half.
    BUT…I am retired! Big benefit…The house is always ready for anyone stopping in!! I have no where to go in the mornings. I try and make all doctor, hair, etc appointments for the afternoon hours!
    The diswasher and the laundry are done as needed.
    Now everyone knows I AM CRAZY!

  6. says

    I love all the organized closets. I prefer to keep shoes and whatever else is possible covered. Otherwise….they get dusty! I try and keep all hanging items in garment bags and bags and shoes in boxes or cabinets.
    The only “open” clothing items are MC’s shirts.

  7. says

    Great ideas!!!! Hope you gals have such a wonderful New Year. You are my favorite blogger and always have THE BEST ideas EVER!!!! hugs and kissis for a wonderful New Year!!!

  8. says

    Hello! This post {as well as your blog} is fantastic! Life runs so much more smoothly when it’s organized and you make it so pretty too. Can’t wait to take a better look around your corner of the blogosphere. Thanks and please keep the beautiful ideas coming!

    Kelly from chic Saturday

  9. says

  10. says

    So much gooood stuff! I so hear you on those hangers! This is the year for me to just do it! And that garden shed…SIGH…what a dream! Thank you for the inspiration and lists! Loving it! Happy New Year!!

  11. says

    The cleaning calendar is brilliant!! It makes everything so manageable…although when you have a bunch of kids you have to do everything everyday. Oh and what about laundry! The dreaded laundry!

  12. says

    I’d like one of those walk in sheds for all the gardening/garage items. I get so busy in the house that I neglect the outdoor items.

    I have the clear boxes (container store) in my closet. They DO take up lots of space though.. and sometimes they are bulky and make it difficult to get shoes when I’m running late (another reason to get the outfit out the night before.. I know, I know!)

    Baskets are great everywhere and they are warm and homey looking.

    I’m lusting over the offices. Ours is currently being shared with my college son and it’s a mess. So funny about the continuous mail.. it keeps coming!!


  13. says

    There can never be too much organization. I love the idea of cubbys with baskets for organization. I have my shoes in Container Store plastic (see-through) shoe boxes…it works pretty well and the truth is, I simply don’t have enough closet space to line them up…but boy would I like a closet like the one with the shoes.

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