The “Light” First Impression

Traditional Home
We all know there’s only one chance to make a first impression.
Southern Grace
Nowhere is that truer than in regard to your home’s exterior. 
Emily Followill Photography
Paint, landscaping, shutters, and, of course, lighting, are all crucial elements of that design scape that says, “Welcome!”
Gywneth Paltrow’s home
Smaller lanterns can be charming…
Cote de Texas
But, when it comes to light fixtures, we always say bigger is better!
Stanley Dixon and Betty Burgess
The best lanterns are like perfect eyeliner.
Kriste Michelini Design
They don’t necessarily stand out, but they make everything look better all the same!
David Buergler Architect
There’s something to be said for a staid, simple exterior that’s easy to maintain.
miss wallflower
On the other hand, for more lavish schemes there’s always a contractor to help out…
Things That Inspire
The “rules” say that exterior lanterns should be between one third and one half of the height of front door.
Ralph Lauren
But it’s really all about personal choice! From the grand and elegant, 
Southern Grace
To the undeniably cozy, the right lighting takes every exterior to the next level.
We hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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  1. Love every one of these photos…can move in anywhere:) Caroline

  2. great posts – lovely images – happy weekend.

  3. Wow, some gorgeous homes here. I love the porch by Kriste Michelini Design. x

  4. I know I should be looking at the light fixtures but I am so enthralled with the entire buildings themselves as a whole! Oh so pretty!


  5. Such beautiful exteriors and entries. I love gas carriage lanterns, and I’d love one on a poll in our front entry!


  6. That was some very nice eye candy to wake up to! :)


  7. I can tell somebody is having a great
    time getting ideas for their reno
    project. Cannot wait for the full

  8. So true! We opted for hand-made lighting from Vermont to lend that perfect historical touch to a 1920 farmhouse. They make an impressions on all who come to visit. Wishing you a great weekend, too!
    C + C

  9. Wonderful images….but especially in love with the Emily Followill image (third down). So classic.

  10. So many beautiful examples. I am in love with the house behind the gate in the last photo!

  11. Ive always had a fondness for lanterns. Thanks for sharing such amazing pics!

  12. Amen! Those lanterns are truly amazing! especially on that second house, wow!

  13. Great images…my favorite is the first and the last!

  14. Gorgeous!! So many fabulous examples..and you are right bigger is better in this case! Love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. We were replacing the 2 lanterns outside our front door…and when I came home and saw the waaaaay too small fixtures that had been installed I died laughing. I’m for making a big statement. Great post.

  16. Bigger is better:)and I like your analogy to eye liner! Gorgeous images as usual .. the porch with the dark hardwood is beautiful and I love all the boxwood.

    Have a great weekend!


  17. I love big lanterns at the front door. Loved the lanterns on the front porch with the black wicker furniture.
    Great post on a great subject. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Some gorgeous lanterns here. They do make the exterior of a home.

  19. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <3
    Would you like to follow each other?
    love, Anna

  20. I completely agree…bigger is always better with exterior light fixtures! There is nothing worse than a scrawny little fixture next to a big beautiful door. Coming from someone who would like to downscale…I should go for the easy to maintain entry…but that is just so boring, isn’t it?

  21. Love all of these, I am actually in need of a new side door lantern and after this I am going BIG!
    thanks for sharing,
    xo Karolyn

  22. How magnificent, there are ideas here for our new French style courtyard in progress !!

    Thank you

  23. so beautiful – don’t even know how you pick a favorite!

  24. Thank you for this post. I am sharing it on my blog which helps people make updates now so that it will be easier to put on the market later. I’ve been looking for a great post on outdoor lanterns for so long. This is it!
    Lesa at LoveNowSellLater

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