Things We Love: Black Furniture

Lynn Morgan Design
A touch of black is a welcome addition to any room.
Windsor Smith Design
But, sometimes, if a bit of black is good, a bunch of black is better!
Kerrisdale Design Group
An accessory here or there is fine, but, every now and again, we love the bold statement of a black piece of furniture.
Kelly Wearstler Design
Paired with gold, the look is glamorous and chic.
Architectural Digest
Paired with red, it’s vivid and intense.
Decor Demon
And, of course, a little shine never hurts.
Vogue Living
The crisp pop of white accessories on a piece of black furniture is such a focal point.
Black and cane are the ideal combination.
A fabulous French desk is one of our favorite ways to incorporate black furniture into a design scheme. 
Christina Murphy Design
Black furniture is so chic with gorgeous grays.
Liz Caan Design

This is a dream closet. Being able to jot a note, or sit down to casually apply make-up at a fabulous black desk would be amazing!

Carrie Hayden Design
We adore how black grounds a space, pairing perfectly with vivid colors and vibrant patterns.
Brown Design 
Yellow is one of our favorite accent colors with black. It’s happy, fun and the perfect amount of contrast.

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you have a wonderful week!


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  1. says

    Love seeing this post so I can show the husband. We have a few pieces of country furniture that if they went black they would both work better in our home and look more updated.


  2. says

    When I first got married I bought all our furniture from yard sales and thrift stores and painted it high gloss black. And what a transformation some black can do!!! Great post!!

  3. says

    I do agree with the fact that A touch of black is a welcome addition to any room.It adds new life to the room.Specially when it combines with white,they together creates a marvelous combo.

  4. says

    We just bought a lovely black display cabinet and I love how it grounds our otherwise pale space. We have a black 4 poster bed in storage right now too – can’t wait until all of our things marry up together someday :)

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