Fashionable Friday: Working 9 to 5

Heartbeat Oz
Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Heartbeat Oz

                                                                 Olivia Palermo

Zsa Zsa Bellagio




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Heartbeat Oz
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  1. I would like the Cartier, suit included, please. Actually I want all of them. Flashback from the business days.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. FINE pics; DDDD

    i invite to me too


  3. Love all of these outfits! Great inspiration :)


  4. I will order the LOT! Especially those pearls!

  5. If this is what working 9-5 looks like sign me up! Your choices are so classy and gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Nicely Done! What a great post with your trademark beauty and inspiration:) xob

  7. Gorgeous! I wish women dressed like this even just 9 to 10 to watch and be inspired (: because what I see around here certainly is not this beautiful stuff!
    These ladies are smoking hot…
    Have a lovely weekend, hugs z

  8. wow! I just love ALL of your images!!! How’s that beach house comin? Pics!!! I’ll take that Chanel handbag please! By the way, you are more than welcome to come to any of our family gatherings!!!! xoxo

  9. That Gucci suit is to die for.

  10. One of everything, please : )

  11. So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Love all of these looks…so sophisticated!

  13. Great pics, so inspiring!

    Chica de Ahora
    Would be great if you would follow me ♥

  14. Love it! I am obsessed with the CELINE Bag!!!! I’m a self-confessed Bag-a-holic and don’t have CELINE yet, that khaki one is for keeps!

  15. Amei esses look. Lindos estilos.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

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