House Tour: Darien, Connecticut

                                                   Mark Finlay Architect


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  1. …and SNAP! just like that i want shelves within reach of my soaking tub! so comforting and pleasing.

    hope this finds you girls healthy and wealthy and wise!



  2. Love how stately it is, that bedroom is a dream and the outside spaces absolutely gorgeous. Love every single room1

  3. I adore Darien! One of my best friends live in Darien. This is a beautiful house! Although there is nothing else than beauty in Darien:) xo Caroline

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  5. This home is so welcoming and classic at the same time! Incredible beauty.
    The shelves by the tub are something I will have to “show” MC….????

  6. Stun.ning. What more is there to say? :)

  7. The house has a warm welcoming feel and the outdoor area is wonderful – cosy too.

  8. You know, most large home do not interest me, but you showed a well thought out, classically designed home that is both beautiful and inviting. Well done!

  9. oh that tub be still my heart!

  10. what a stately, gorgeous home! Your posts always gives me a “breathe of fresh air” aaaaahh! Thanks! :-)

  11. Wonderful!

  12. Such a classic beauty. Thanks for the tour…….

    The French Hutch

  13. Mel@Georgica Pond says:


  14. Beautiful House…love the outdoor fireplace!!

  15. We spent our teenage years in Darien but not in this kind of splendor! Beautiful inside and out. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    C + C

  16. Beautiful serene home. A nice place to be at the end of a busy week.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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