Fashionable Friday: Love a Stripe

Suze Q
Kate Tumblr

Grey and Scout


Design Inspiration


Paris Breakfast

Olivia Palermo

stripe city

Sterling Style


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  1. Looks like we are both in the mood for Spring!This makes me want to go shopping! Have a great weekend. XO, Mona

  2. i am a STRIPE person! – that first outfit – SO gonna copy cat that look!

  3. I absolutely love every single image. I’ve always been a stripes fan but this year I know we are going to be wearing lots of them!

  4. I have never been into “strips” but you got me now.
    The Valentino skirt and blouse….OH WOW

  5. Okay how fun is that? Stripes are on both our minds! Yes, that skirt I posted would fit right into this post. I want those espradilles and that Valentino outfit is amazing! :) Sharon

  6. Stripes are awesome!! So perfect for spring!

  7. FUN!…..smiles

  8. Gorgeous images! I’m all about stripes these days! Nice post!

  9. Adored this post! I’m still loving the stripes!
    Catching up on all your great posts.
    Have a good weekend!


  10. I’m so obsessed with stripes! Love these looks!

  11. I couldn’t live without stripes and you’ll be happy to hear that black and white, including stripes will be continuing into fall!!

  12. Hands down…I’m a stripe girl…..Love them in fashion and decor!

  13. Do love stripes but come to think of it mostly in spring and summer. I love a white and navy bandeau top and think I have four of them but have my eye on those striped espadrilles!

  14. I love stripes! Those espadrilles are precious!! Pinning some of these to my pinterest board now. :)

  15. Love stripes and I wear them all year round!

  16. Stripes are timeless and I am a stripes loving person for sure!:-)

  17. Oh I love stripes on everything, and these darling outfits are perfect! Gave me some ideas on pieces to pick up.
    Happy Sunday.

  18. Love the stripes too. So many striped tees in my wardrobe :)

    Abbey x

  19. Classic!!

  20. always and forever will I be a STRIPE girl!

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