Things We Love: Columns

Andrew Skurman Architect
They do so much more than just hold up the roof. Round, square. Ionic, Corinthian. With so many different types of fabulous pillars, there’s a perfect one to hold up any porch. Here are a few examples that prove the column will never go out of style.
Coastal Living
Coastal Living
Magnolia Merriweather
Everything Pretty
Shamamian and Ferguson Architects

Vincente Wolf via Veranda
Allan Greenberg Architect
Carolina Gentlemen
Greenline Architecture
Carolina Gentleman
White Ironstone Cottage
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  1. Wow! What beautiful inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the houses of the American South!

  3. This post certainly does justice to any column skeptics out there!! Absolutely beautiful homes!

  4. Thats right, columns never go out of style, they give a magnificent touch to the bulding!:) Kisses! xo

  5. Love columns! Great post:)

  6. Wow, these are some beauties! I love columns, especially Ionic!

  7. Great images! The columns were one of the reasons we chose the elevation from all that were available for our BLH.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  8. Beautiful homes! All of them!! Columns add such stately architecture.

  9. Beautiful functionality!

  10. I’ve been wanting some columns in front of our home and you just made a strong case for them with these stunning homes!


  11. I love them too! Around our parts we have a lot of spiral cedars that make one think of the southwest..Taos, Santa Fe…I like them too..very earthy and soulful

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous images, loved this post,

  13. They add such elegance, I love all those images!

  14. Love all columns. They add so much character and interest to a home. My favorite is the Vincent Wolf—Veranda cedar shake house, and the hydrangeas!

    xo, Lissy Parker

  15. Gorgeous! All gorgeous!
    Makes me wish my house had columns!

  16. Vertical virtue, visions to behold.

  17. Really beautiful…. I love all of those traditional white exteriors!

  18. Just in time for my front portico renovation!! Thanks you for the great post.

  19. Beautiful homes….

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