Coral Dreaming

Giannetti Home
Nothing says “beach chic” like a fabulous piece of coral.
Phoebe Howard
Interspersed in a bookcase, as a table centerpiece or as an accessory,
Kara Mann Design
beautiful coral is an interior design staple.
Cindy Christensen
Of course, we’re not into destroying precious natural resources, so we’re huge fans of faux pieces.
Cindy Christensen
Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference between resin and the real thing!
Cindy Christensen
A pretty bowl of shells makes such a great statement in a beach house.
We love the pop of white against a gray background.
A full bookcase display of coral is so chic. We plan on doing something similar in Beaufort


Our blue background is firmly in place in our Beaufort bookcase.
A collection of sea treasures can be casually coastal, 
Daniel Romualdez Architect
pair perfectly with other natural elements,
or look fantastic combined with dressier elements. We love a pop of coral anywhere!
We hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend and are enjoying a luxurious day off!

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  1. I absolutely love the coral touches!
    It is such a nice, natural, organic addition to any space. The yellow and gray wall with the coral is stunning….the color combination just instantly catches your eye.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Beaufort!

  2. Stunning post, I love the use of coral as it reminds me of summer, and elegance at the beach. Gorgeous rooms using coral…..hope you had a Happy Easter!

  3. This is one beautiful post! I love every image, and the tea paper or leaf is so gorgeous too. I can’t wait to see what you do at Beaufort!
    Happy Monday.

  4. Yes, I’m a huge fan of using coral as accessory. Love the texture and organic feel of it!

  5. I love coral in decorating! I have a piece of beautiful faux coral on the ledge by my garden tub in my master bath!

  6. Oh Yes, Love the Gray!
    We are tickled with our French Linen Annie Sloan choice!
    I guess I will be on a search for some coral!

  7. I just picked up two very large coral pieces at Homegoods of all places, they look beautiful on my hall console. Love the look.

  8. I’m such a fan of coral but feel odd using it in a mid-west home…

  9. Love seeing corals and shells and any bits of nature in the home. I love the shelves, yellow and grey and the aqua ~ beautiful. I agree, the man made corals that are available look SO real.

  10. I have lots of shells and coral in my house, and always love seeing new ways of decorating with it. Love these images.

  11. Beautiful post and never seen this many corals in display. Hugs z

  12. I love coral and I agree with you on going faux. In the Philippines where I come from though, I still see occassional real corals for sale. I warn people that they cannot bring it abroad because it will be seized by immigration and I tell that to sellers too! hopefully, when I visit next time, I’ll see less of the real stuff for sale. the ocean is too important to be destroyed for just decor or art right?! Our Easter was fun, hope yours was too!

  13. Love it! Saw some at Home Goods just this morning. I knew I should’ve bought it! Might have to go back!

  14. Gorgeous photos. I’m totally inspired to add coral somewhere in my home now.

  15. What beautiful examples of coral. Some of these pieces are natures best sculpture work.

  16. Loved the photos you picked!

  17. I love every bit of this post. Gorgeous!

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