In Good Taste: Nancy Braithwaite Design

There are so, so many things to love about this kitchen. The beautiful brass hardware, the light and airy open shelving, and, of course, those sunny pops of yellow.
But, then again, we can find something to love about all of Nancy Braithwaite’s designs — these loungy-yet-fabulous slipcovered couches, for example.
Elements of traditional interior design combined with modern, unexpected touches ensure that this designer’s work is always in good taste.
Bedroom design ideas abound, but we think a neutral color palette with a variety of textures is always a good bet.
The best decorating ideas are the ones with versatility. This room is perfect for sleeping or lounging.
One of our favorite things about Nancy Braithwaite’s work is how restrained it is. There’s no clutter!
Traditional interior design with a twist is always in style!
It’s easy to forget that interior architecture is as important as exterior architecture. This kitchen is a perfect example of how important all those architectural details can be! We love the beams.
Modern, sleek and amazing! Look at those yummy floors! Steel windows frame this room beautifully.
We do oh so love a canopy bed. I can’t wait to redo my bedroom to include a romantic bed complete with dreamy curtains!

Why bring the outdoors in when you can just go outside instead? We would absolutely live out here! 
Thanks so much for visiting today!


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  1. I too love Nancy’s work because it looks clean and fresh, liveable without the clutter. I really like the French pottery in the first image.


  2. Love these images – there is a very quiet and deceptively simple style to them all. Lots of subtle detail and perfect proportions and play of scale lift them from the ordinary though. xx

  3. Gorgeous rooms! I especially love that first kitchen, so pretty and warm! Hope you have a great day.

  4. I am in love with a neutral palette, and that indoor/outdoor feel. I sent you an email :)

  5. I need to adopt a clean and uncluttered look. I love her spaces!

  6. Neutral and texture are one of my favorite looks, she does it perfectly!

  7. Hi Ladies! A great feature today. I especially like her refined, but not stuffy! sense of style. Happy April:)

  8. Amen! Neutral rules in these rooms and I love it! Easy on the eyes and totally calming. :)

  9. What a fantastic design, love it, she is really great!:) Kisses! xo

  10. Love Nancy’s style! I recall from years past that she (and I think her daughter) had a children’s shop in Atlanta. It had the cutest topiary bunny out front. Or teddy bear. Does that ring any bells?!

    Hope your week is off to a great start and that Will had a blast hunting for eggs!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. love nancy’s work!


  12. Nancy’s work is simple and classic! Love it all! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. Simple and no clutter. Yes and yes.

  14. Beautiful post and beautiful work! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a great rest of the week!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  15. I am with you on Nancy’s designs, impeccable restraint with such beauty, Kathysue

  16. The photo with the slip covered chairs and buffet is gorgeous.. love the color of the wood. The first kitchen is amazing. You are right, can’t go wrong with neutrals!


  17. Such beautifully designed rooms. I really do love all of them! Neutrals and no clutter, my next home!

    Emily the French Hutch

  18. I to love the simplicity of her work…but so sophisticated!

  19. I love the diverse elements to each of these rooms you’ve shared. So pretty…I’m always surprised when I see a really modern room that I love since I consider my taste in more of the traditional, English country genres.

  20. Those wicker chairs are fabulous!

  21. Beautiful spaces. Especially love the table in the first kitchen! Thank you for sharing~~Angela

  22. She has always been one of my favorites. Love her restrained style….it is always classic and mostly neutral.

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