Beaufort Update!

Hi, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We still have a ways to go with the Beaufort house, but we wanted to give you a little sneak peek of a few things! As my husband delicately pointed out, my photography skills are abysmal. I think I should take a class or something… Anyway, we still have a some painting to do, curtains to hang, etc. etc. But we’re so excited for progress!

 These gorgeous Kerri Shipp drawings make a great statement wall coming down the stairs!


 Blog-writing desk!
 My sink! These mirrors are some of my favorite things in the entire house!
A beach house isn’t complete without a sea turtle!
We thought this guy was going on the screened porch, but we love him here!
This is just a little taste of our progress, and we can’t wait to show you more! Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!! I cannot believe it. You are like a miracle worker. Last time I saw it, it was down to the studs and still being painted….now it looks like a totally gorgeous moved in lived home! Unreal! I absolutely love it, how exciting!! More more more!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, it is so beautiful. I can’t believe you are almost done. How exciting!

  3. I am in love with all those great accessories!

  4. I can see why you’re so excited your home is so gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more.


  5. What a gorgeous home! I am thinking it was still at the “stud” stage! I know you must be so happy to be in and enjoying it!! xo

  6. OMGoodness! That is gorgeous! I had a vision of a still empty house. I kept thinking, “That can’t be it”.

  7. Everything looks fabulous! You have done an amazing job! I’m like Tina…you are definitely a miracle worker and we would love to see more! I wish this was close enough to Hilton Head and I could just pop on over next week! Wouldn’t you love for a stranger to pop in on you? Just kidding! This makes me really excited to be headed that way, though! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You both did a fabulous job…it looks beautiful! I also love that mirror…there’s to many things to list that I like…I cant wait to see the rest of the house…

  9. Looking good!…no, make that great! Your home is very beautiful!

  10. It’s more than PERFECT!
    I love every detail..
    The mirrors, the desk, the prints…just ALL!

  11. So beautiful!! Wao! It really is the perfect home with such wonderful details at every corner!

  12. Oh my!!! How beautiful and I cannot wait to see the entire house! Great job, ladies!

  13. At first I thought these were inspiration shots. I can’t believe how far you’ve come! Looking gorgeous!

  14. This is perfection in every room. You are truly masterful at what you do. I love it all, and the shell, driftwood and turtle touches are perfect here. Love!
    xo Nancy

  15. Stunning home!

  16. Happy Monday indeed! It looks lovely! I love the fish above the fireplace, and of course the sconces ;) It’s coming along great, and if you ask me it looks finished from the pics!

  17. Wow!!!! Look at all that beautiful progress! I absolutely love your wall of seaweed drawings – beautiful. And the living room is divine. Cool light fixture. Show us more, please!

  18. I love it! Now this is how you do “beach decor” (Calling It Home’s post). It looks so great already!

  19. GREAT JOB! It looks amazing! How did you pull it together so quickly? That bathroom mirror is stunning!

  20. WOW! Stunning job, thus far! Can’t wait to see the rest! How wonderful to be able to stay at such a beautiful home away from home!

  21. I can’t believe that you just moved in! Clearly, you all had a vision. Love the animal print on the chairs!!!

  22. Gorgeous!!! Love that mirror and your blogging spot is beautiful!!! So happy for you.


  24. Stunning. It is amazing how finished it looks already. The tile on the fireplace is gorgeous. It has been so much fun following along on your adventure. And yes, Fletcher, this is my kinda beach style too! I read Linda’s post too! Best, Beth C.

  25. Wow! You must have been busy, busy! The transformation from the last update is Wow! Love it all. Looks Amazing and I envy you your blog writing desk:-). Can’t wait to see more! Superb job!

  26. I am absolutely loving everything in here. Gorgeous! I love Kerri Shipp’s artwork – I just ordered a couple of her pieces and waiting for them to come this week and can’t wait! I love the pieces and color you ordered, it works so nicely in this space. And I’m in love with that sea turtle. Are the fish above the mantel gold? Oh my gosh, it’s making me swoon a little. Love it!

  27. Did I miss something?!! It’s completely done!! It looks fantastic! Great job. Now I’m feeling lame that I still have about a bazillion unpacked boxes and NOTHING on the walls yet!
    So happy for you all to have your beach house all done just in time for summer!

  28. Now that is what I call Beach Chic.
    Very stylish and not too kitch.
    I love botanical art and just adore that used seaweed botanicals in your beach house.
    Andthose huge fish above the fireplace are such a statement.
    Can’t wait to see the complete reveal.

  29. Wow. Your home looks great and what is really fun is to recognize some of the individual items you said you would like to see in your home. It’s really inviting and looks so comfy.

  30. Did I skip a step or ten? You have come leaps and bounds. It’s looking so stunning. Pinned them all!

  31. Gorgeous! Wow, you’ve made amazing progress!! Love the bathroom mirror and the seaweed pictures! Great job and looking forward to seeing more.

  32. I LOVE IT!!!! I am SOOOO happy for you! Love, love, love everything!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!! xoxo

  33. Wow! You are making so much progress! It looks fantastic. I love that mirror and your blogging desk!

  34. Holy smokes….looking great!!

  35. Looks amazing! Congratulations!

  36. oh my, oh my, your interior is stunning! and yes to the mirror!

    what a fun journey, looking forward to much more

  37. We’ve died and gone to heaven! What a beautiful Beaufort home… We love your writing desk. Where did you find it? Would love to know.
    C + C

  38. I adore everything + grand photos.

  39. It looks amazing! I wasn’t expecting it to be done. It looks like you’ve been living there for a while. Amazing job!!

  40. Dottie Abramowski says:

    Nice job, Beth & Kristy……fun project!

  41. Dottie Abramowski says:

    Nice job, Beth & Kristy……fun project, love the modern pieces!

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