House Tour: Central Park Residence

We don’t know about you, but the perfect pied-à-terre in the city that never sleeps sounds pretty fabulous….
But, truth be told, this Central Park stunner is quite a bit more than an NYC crash pad.

Classically beautiful architecture blended with impeccable design make for a place that we think anyone would be proud to call home.

The modern art makes this super traditional space feel fun.
This spacious room is luscious and luxurious.
Everything in this kitchen is sleek, streamlined and chic, chic, chic. We LOVE lacquer!
This bathtub is an amazing use of space. This gray and white color palette is one of our favorites.
If there’s anything we love more than gray and white it’s a room with the Midas Touch.
This room is the definition of opulence!
We don’t have to tell you that banquettes are one of our favorite things. A banquette with a view of the park is almost too good!
A home is really nothing more than a sum of its vignettes. With vignettes like this, we’d say this home is on the right track.
And speaking of vignettes… This combination of old and new, traditional and modern, is perfection. 
Thanks for touring with us today! We hope your day is as fantastic as this home!

Source: Michael S. Smith Design


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  1. says

    Agree, the combination of old and new, simple and fancy, colors and textures, make this a winner! Not to mention the perfect location. I wish someone would give me a key!!! XO

  2. says

    This beautiful apartment is even more amazing in person – we got to see it when Michael was working on it! The floors in the living room are actually hammered silver and the orchid in the kitchen is ours. So glad you shared it so we can pin the pictures!
    C + C

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