Home Tour: Lakefront Living

If there’s anything we love as much as a place at the beach, it’s lakefront living!
In fact, when the fall comes around, we adore the idea of getting to watch the leaves fall over the water and bundling up in thick sweaters for a hot cup of coffee on the dock.
And cooking in this fabulous kitchen would be great all year long!
The thing we love most about the lake — as can be seen through this lovely view — is that it combines water and forest elements. What’s not to love?
This fun color palette combined with the rustic beams and ceiling is such a beautiful look.
Bunk rooms are THE BEST! This one practically guarantees fun with loads of friends, hoards of cousins, or a few, special brothers and sisters!
We bet this sneaky back ladder gets as much use as those great, built-in stairs!
From the front door to the bathroom, the combination of modern, updated convenience and rustic touches is pitch perfect.
This wall goes to show that great art doesn’t have to be hung in a certain, staid pattern. These animal heads add a bit of that mountain feel.
This is such a creative look when bedside space is at a premium. We love the shelves!
What an idyllic view! Dogs always know what’s what… Wishing you a dog’s life today!

Source: Kristina Crestin Design

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  1. wonderfully pleasant!!!!

  2. A fun take on a traditional lake house. I have always wanted a cozy lakehouse retreat, even more as I get older….love the idea!

  3. While we decamp to ocean front come summer vacation, I do love lake living. Perhaps it’s all those years of summer camp… Fun kid friendly house and great bunk room!

  4. beautiful! I would love to wake up and cook in that kitchen every saturday morning!

  5. Love this home, the lighting and the rustic vibe.
    xo Nancy

  6. The view is heavenly.

  7. Love the lake! I grew up spending summers in a lake-front log cabin that my dad built. It wasn’t as cozy-chic as the photos you’ve pulled together here, but my happiest memories are from the time we spent there. I remember counting the knots in the wood ceiling to fall asleep at night. Thanks for bringing back that happy memory! XO

  8. This house looks so comfy and cozy…love it!

  9. This is the perfect lake house. I love the view from the kitchen of the lake through the trees. The décor is exactly what I think of when I picture a lake house, too.

  10. all this texture just makes me crazy in a good way…and that kitchen mixing the green and turquoise? probably my all time favorite throw back…I just love it!

  11. Just the ideal home to escape to. The kitchen is fabulous and what great sleeping arrangements! All and all a perfect spot!

  12. Great colours in this cottage! That Viking oven is Devine … And the bunk beds are too cool.
    XO z

  13. Love that the owners of this marvelous home don’t take deocorating too seriously- I love that sitting gnome in the shower! hahaha!

  14. Makes us want to take another vacation lakeside! What a great place to relax and enjoy the view…
    C + C

  15. i’m in love!
    and his name is lake house.
    ooooooooh yeah.
    that bunk room is so covetable!

    what a winner you’ve found, ladies.



  16. Great house!! Great ideas!

  17. I grew up in the coolest , old fashioned lake house in the summer! Lake Arrowhead in Southern California!

    We had a “party line” with one phone in the house! I LOVED it!

    My stepfather sold all of his stock two weeks before the “Depression” (he said…….”I knew it was coming! Everything was askew!”)

    He went to Lake Arrowhead (recently developed with houses by all the top architects……very chic great houses….Wallace Neff, Roland Coate, Reginald Johnson” and bought these houses for “nothing”! (500.00 or something.) He said many of them came will “Rollses” in the garage. The owners couldn’t buy the gas to drive them out!

    A long way to say I love “Lake houses”! Great post!
    thank you!!

  18. what a great house + adore it all. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  19. Love this lake house! Wish I was there this weekend!

  20. Thanks for sharing at Modern Cottage Mondays! This lake retreat is amazing! I love all the rough exposed lumber.

  21. Sam is fantastic! She transformed our ugly, gaudy 1970s bathroom into something more beautiful and modern than we ever could have imagined! home ideas

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