Things We Love: Gray Doors

No doubt about it, we’re all about painting things white.

But, sometimes, white is just a little too… white. And that’s okay. Just because cookie dough ice cream is your favorite doesn’t mean that sometimes you aren’t in the mood for a little chocolate peanut butter. (In fact, I think that came to me because I’m in the mood for a little chocolate peanut butter right now… With those real ribbons of peanut butter running through…)

For all the elegance of white with more pizazz (and zero calories) we think gray interior doors are a gorgeous alternative.

gray doors greige design

Greige Design
Remember when everyone was painting their doors black? (Maybe you did?) We really like the idea of that, but are too scared to try it! It’s such a commitment, because, if you hate it, it’s awfully hard to cover up! But, on the flip side, if you love it, it’s perfection.

In comparison, going gray is kind of like agreeing to a cup of coffee. It’s not the full-on commitment of a dinner date, but putting yourself out there all the same. (What’s with all these food analogies? I think I might need a snack.)

GRAY doors colored

Plus, gray doors have such a subtle elegance to them, simple and sophisticated without being too over the top.

gray door dave

It’s a similar affect to adding a perfect, Swedish piece of furniture to a room. But without paying the movers!

Plus, adding a little gray to the doors makes the hallways look so much more interesting and negates all possibility of looking too sterile and hospital-ish.

If we were going to take the plunge, which, who knows, maybe we will, we think this is perfection. The gray door and the white frame are elegant and chic with just the right amount of contrast. How do you like your doors? Are you into basic white, sleek black, fun colors or a lovely shade of gray?

Thanks for sharing your Thursday with us! We hope it’s terrific!



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