Things We Love: Seating for 4

A bridge group. A bunco table. Parents and their two kids. (And the dog, of course!)

We know what the song says about the world being made for two, but, if you ask us, it seems like it’s really made for four!

So when our friend Deana emailed about using four chairs in a room, we totally got what she meant. Four is just such a good number.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but it seems to us that, in rooms with couches and two chairs (because that’s pretty standard, right?) everyone is always fighting over the chairs!

So why not just scrap the couch altogether?
4 chairs sally wheat
Sally Wheat Interiors

 The first house that Will and I bought was the cutest, tiniest historical home in New Bern, NC. I tried to cram this huge sofa into our smallish living room… Needless to say, it was a disaster.

4 chairs sarah richardson
Sarah Richardson Design
The couch went back, (minus a beefy restocking fee) we replaced it with two more chairs, and Will has never let me live down what I can say was one of only a handful of pretty serious decorating mistakes.

But that four-chair seating arrangement was just right for that little living room, no matter what the couch and two chair majority says!

If I had seen all of these beautiful rooms, I probably never would have had to pay that restocking fee in the first place… But, you can’t cry over spilt milk. (Or couches.)

Four chairs give such openness and unity to a space. And make sitting around and chatting over morning coffee a breeze!

So, Deana, we hope these pictures have helped. They’ve certainly given us a newfound appreciation for the four-chaired room. (And we just realized we did four chairs in our Beaufort house!) So now, on yet another rainy day, we want to grab a cup of tea and curl up in a big, comfy chair!


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  1. You girls amaze me. How do you FIND all of these beautiful photos. I thought we were doing something a bit unique, but seating for four is more common than I realized. Our den sofa and large club chairs have been moved to the playroom. We have purchased four petite club chairs from Craig’s List and an estate sale in Atlanta. We pulled the trigger on 40 YARDS…yes, 10 yards per chair….(cough)….at Lewis & Sherron Fabrics yesterday and we’re on our way to tranforming our den into a perfect place for some serious chit chatting with a couple of friends. THANK YOU Design Chic for the inspiration. I wish I could send you my every decorating dilemma. You are always spot on. Cheers from Sandersville, GA!

  2. There is something cozy about seating for four! It’s the perfect intimate grouping for conversation. Love these beautiful examples! Gorgeous artwork too!

  3. Just redid our hearth room with four chairs (all the same) and ottoman. Wondering why I didn’t do this a long time ago.

    Love these inspiration photos!

  4. Barbara Travis says:

    I’m currently in the process of freshening up my living room. I am wondering whether to ditch the three seater sofa, two wing chairs & love seat. This is a room that we only use when friends come to dinner so I don’t want to spend mega dollars. The current furniture has been recovered (all Ethan Allen pieces) once but I’m ready for a change. I was thinking two love seats & two arm chairs but maybe I should seriously consider this new arrangement; you have certainly given me some food for thought. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Perfect arrangement! I only wish I had thought of it long ago.

  6. AWESOME post! I used to have my living room with four chairs around a table and it was great and got used a lot. Now it’s an office, but I love this style so much!


  8. I’ve never thought about seat for 4 that way :)
    and I liked it and it opens new ideas :)
    I really like your posts!
    Good weekend and good work

  9. pretty pink tulips says:

    Every house has its design hiccups. Our most recent one was the sectional for the upstairs playroom/family room was delivered and they couldn’t make a particular turn with it to go up the stairs. So, back to NC it went to be “reworked”. It was just installed last night!

    But, we’re talking chairs and I love the 4 chair arrangements. I first saw this done in Charlotte and thought it was brilliant!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. I’ve loved this idea for a long time. I think in a parlor or smaller room it would be ideal.


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