Kitchen Spring Cleaning!

Flowers, birds, and, oh yeah, spring cleaning! It’s that time of year, and our priority when it comes to taming the clutter is always the kitchen. For us, it seems to be where all the “stuff” tends to accumulate!

 We ran across this Declutter Your Kitchen checklist from Betta Living. It’s full of great tips for creating a perfectly gorgeous heart of the home that is as streamlined as it is beautiful.

 Drawers in the island are perfect for stashing extra stuff. Don’t you just love these wood beams? We do!

 A large hutch or etagere in the dining area is ideal for storing china and serveware in style.

 We love this pot rack! It becomes an instant focal point!

 And island is great for work space. If it doubles as storage space? Even better!

Refrigerated drawers are sort of one of our dream kitchen items. So convenient and very chic!

 Some kitchen staples need to be stashed away. But pretties like these glass Aqua Panna water bottles only add to the decor.

 Open shelving is one of our favorite kitchen staples. When you can see all your staples, you have to keep it uncluttered! And aren’t these stools fabulous?

 Even in the kitchen, books are one of our design staples. The key to cookbooks is paring down. Keeping a few favorites right on hand is a great idea.

Pull out shelves are another kitchen item we covet. So organized, so sleek, and so chic!

 A pretty pantry is one of our favorite spaces in the whole house! We, like Betta Living, love to fill our pantry with jars to keep food fresh and the pantry perfectly organized. Where do you start when you’re tackling your spring cleaning?

Thanks for stopping by, chic readers!

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  1. What beautiful kitchens and kitchen storage. Some useful and pretty ideas.

  2. Beautiful images…actually its funny that is what today is somewhat designated as being a clean up day! I will start in the kitchen… the feeling of everything being organized and sparkling!

  3. Such gorgeous kitchen and storage inspiration!….Love that kitchen that has such a warm, library feel to it!!

  4. Kitchens are always my favorite room. Ours could use a little spring sprucing – a pantry organizing party for one sounds like the perfect rainy day project.

    Happy Monday! XOXO

  5. I pinned so I would forget this beautiful post!

    • Oh GOSH! The phone rang and push “post comment” before proof reading!
      Back to spring clean this up!
      . . . so I would “N O T” forget!

  6. If I had any of these kitchens, I would be cleaning everyday!

  7. Kristy and Beth,
    I agree, what is it about kitchens? We never have enough space for storing things. I love, love, love some of these kitchens. The in wall shelves and fabulous shelves for storing things are great.
    I’m working my way through our kitchen drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet. I’ll be finished in June! lol

  8. Every one of these kitchens is beautiful, but that first picture is just swoon-worthy! Have a lovely week, ladies!!

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