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Good morning, friends! We’re going to get to banquettes. I promise! But, before we do, I just have to pause and say, “thank you.” Thank you to all of you amazing readers who have made these first couple of weeks of Dear Carolina’s release so amazing and successful. And thank you from the very bottom of my heart to all of you fellow bloggers who have shouted this book from the rooftops and embraced it like it was your very own. I am humbled and honored and, honestly, kind of speechless with gratitude when I think about it! 

Our friend Lynn Byrne from the award-winning Decor Arts Now, said it best, I think: “Us bloggers, we belong to a certain tribe. Truly it is a community of friends, whether we have met in real life (IRL in cyber speak) or simply communicate via social media. So when one of our own fulfills a dream, its time to shout it out to the rooftops.”

Thank you doesn’t feel like enough. But I mean it from the very bottom of my heart. It’s a big and scary world out there when you set your first little book free. Your emails and comments and kindness have made that big scary world feel like a small, sweet community, a happy little place for friends to gather. Kind of like, well, you’ve made Design Chic feel. We love you all and look forward to spending time with you every, single day!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! Banquettes… 

To us, banquette is almost a synonym for “family around the table” and “you don’t have to dress up to have a special moment.”

We picture kids fresh from baseball practice and piano lessons piling in for a hot meal. (And, if it’s from Fresh Market, so be it. Who do you think was driving and cheering at those practices and lessons??)

Banquettes are a space for talking and laughing, learning manners and taking turns and sharing, listening and loving.

In fact, we’d say dining is one of the least important things that happens in this space!

Easy, airy paint colors…

And vibrant bursts of color mixed with a little bamboo, create spaces that are just right for gathering.

We can see best friends over for coffee and fun couples over for cocktails, kids in their pjs and Mom and Dad catching up after a long day. Whatever you do in your banquette, we hope it’s wonderful!

1PicMonkey Collage

Dining Chairs

1PicMonkey Collage

Dining Tables

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  1. Love a banquette!!! I do them all the time on projects, and if a client is hesitant, I just talk them into it! I especially love the Palmer Weiss vignette!

  2. Patti Memsic says:

    I so love the look of a banquet. But for those of you who actually have them, what do you think?? I had the most gorgeous banquet in a Colorado Mountain home. The table was hand made from a raw slab of rustic cherry and 12 feet long. The banquet had a beautiful leather seat with a tufted upholstered back. No one wanted to sit on the banquet side. There were 6 chairs on the other side. “What if I have to go to the bathroom?” “I don’t like to sit that close.” YIKES. These were all adults at dinner parties, and family dinners with adult children. What do you all think??

  3. “Thank You” for giving us Dear Carolina!
    I would love to have a banquet some day! I have always loved them. It’s funny, I always try and sit at at booth in a restaurant. Why not have one at home?

  4. Congrats on a new book! Very exciting times for you. I have always liked the look of a banquette, but have fretted that they would be too limiting. Wonder what those who have them say about that. You certainly have some fine examples here.

  5. Beautiful banquettes. I love them in the right setting and room design. Your examples are gorgeous!! When we moved into our current home, the kitchen had a banquette that blocked the flow of the room and the backside seat was right up against 3 windows with no back. No comfort to lean back and it was a bad plan. I quickly took it out, and redesigned the room to a corner style breakfast area. Worked much better but I still wish it could have worked.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit.
    Have a great weekend. CM

  6. YOUR BOOK IS EVERYWHERE!!!!ALMost every blog I subscribe to has mentioned it!CONGRATULATIONS…………I look forward to READING it with BANKSY in my arms!!!

  7. Little is better than gathering around with family and friends. These banquettes make it all the more inviting! xo Leslie

  8. Ladies I adore a dining nook with a banquette…so lovely, so charming, just perfect!
    So excited for Kristy’s book sales!!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. love this round up!!!! my favorite are ones with printed patterns on the banquette seat. it adds just the right spice to a little corner!!!!

  10. Hi there :)

    Thank you so much for leaving me such sweet a comment! You have a beautiful blog. And congratulations on the success of your book :)

    I love banquettes. I have a breakfast nook that I adore, so I know what you mean.

    Have a great weekend!


  11. So true, about our heartwarming group of “friends” in the blog world. Your sweet nature and wonderful book make it easy to brag…I feel like a big sister, whose little sis achieved her dream/goal and the happiness is shared!
    I love banquettes, I’ve never had one but always imagined it would make a kitchen eating area so cozy and quaint. It also seems like a space saver, double bonus!

  12. We so love baquettes and wish we had space in our kitchen/dining rooms for one… And we love the fact that so many came together to celebrate Dear Carolina! Have a great rest of the week, ladies.
    C + C

  13. I am so happy that banquettes have really made a great comeback and they are more beautiful and elegant…such a cozy place to gather.

  14. Congratulations again on your book! You are such an inspiration to others to follow their dreams! The blog community really can be wonderful right?

    Oh and banquettes are my latest obsession too! I’ve been looking through a few cozy banquette options as well. It’s definitely something I want to have in my next home!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

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