Few designers are more quintessentially Southern than Bunny Williams. So the fact that she is behind the interiors in Southern Living’s incredible show house this year comes as no surprise. But what did come as a surprise? The fact that Southern Living asked little ole us to write about it! It was one of those amazing times when you check your inbox and a fabulous treat is waiting for you! We said, “yes,” as soon as it hit our computer screens. It was the fastest email reply in history. So we had the pleasure of chatting with the legend herself about her favorite decorating tips. 


An icon that has been in a business as long as Bunny has could easily be filled with unapproachable advice, but we found that, though she has perhaps surpassed the stage in the projects she undertakes, Bunny still remembers what it’s like to be a first time homeowner, to be young and on a budget. 


We’d like to give you a sneak peek of what we talked to Bunny about–but don’t forget to visit The Daily South for the full details!


Beth and Kristy: Did your experience with your first home influence any of the tips you offer young homeowners today?


Bunny: I find that today people rush into buying furniture. When I first got my house in Connecticut, I didn’t have furniture in the living room for four years. (There was plenty of room for a Christmas tree!) I would suggest that all young homeowners live in their homes – get a good sense of how they’ll use the room – what furniture types are required, what are the traffic pattern and the room’s proportions. Resist the urge to be impulsive. You’ll be happier in the long run.


Beth and Kristy: Did you incorporate any of your tips into your own first home?


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Bunny: I like to tell first time homeowners to go to tag sales, estate sales and local auctions – with a good eye you can find wonderful things. I still have a pair of chairs I bought in a “junk shop” on Columbus Avenue when I was 27 years old. Don’t treat your furniture as disposable; it’s too costly. Buy the best that you can and add to it little by little.


Beth and Kristy: What are your recommendations for designing small spaces?


Bunny: Keep things simple and focus on function. No matter what your taste in decorating, you must find places for everyday things – a big basket for newspapers and magazines, a drinks tray set for guests, and books.


So, there’s a little sneak peek, but we think it all boils down to this: Long a favorite for choreographing stunning interiors, Williams leaves her distinctive mark everywhere she goes. From the rooms she decorates to the lines she creates, her flawless eye ensures that Williams’ look stays fresh yet true to those basic tenants that make her so unique. 


Her favorite decorating tips, those nuggets, or, as is more fitting in the South, pearls, that homeowners can apply to their first house or their tenth, are just fabulous. A pinnacle of Southern style, just like the rooms she designs, Bunny Williams is timeless.

For more of our interview and a special video of Bunny Williams’s favorite decorating tips, visit Southern Living’s The Daily South!


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  1. Congratulations !!!!
    I am so happy for you two to have been her choice. But….she picked the best to do this !!!
    Great interview filled with loads of wonderful hints and advice. Will take it all in!

  2. Beth! Kristy!

    Congratulations on your article in Southern Living! ( A brilliant choice on their part, I may add! )
    You asked good questions! I learned and felt validated by Bunny’s comments about her first home.

    Our home is slowly recovering from the years where our funds went towards two college educations and one wedding. It’s almost like we are starting all over again. Last Fall, I purchased two of Bunny’s rugs through Dash and Albert. I love them.

    I have been meaning to mention how much I love your “Chaise Room”! Such a simple and chic “doable” for any budget! When I say simple . . . in no way am I diminishing it’s brilliant concept.

    Thank you for your inspiration and steering me “South” this morning!

  3. Congratulations on the interview! I adore Bunny’s work and wish I could see the Southern Living home in person.

  4. I love your interview with Bunny Williams. She has great design sense and I’ve always admired her style and her values on creating a wonderful home.
    I wish I was in the area and could visit the Southern Living home.

  5. A wonderful interview ladies! Congratulations I adore Bunny and her style, always!!
    Happy 4th of July weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Gallery Opening!

  6. I just love her! I also love her partner John Rosselli as his showroom is my favorite in the D&D NYC! Love this interview ladies!! xo K

  7. congratulations ladies + great article on BW. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

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