Neutrals, Naturally


They seem to softly whisper elegance everywhere they go,

Making a statement in the most subtle of ways.

In fact, sometimes you may have to look twice to realize how truly special they are.

But that’s how neutrals like it. 

Sneaking up on you with their utter elegance and quiet refinement,

Presenting themselves in patterns and textures that make them nearly as exciting as their colorful counterparts that seem to get most of the glory.

From luscious natural additions like marble and wood,

To Ghost Chairs that fade away in the most fabulous way,

To beautiful relics collected over time,

Neutrals, like so many of the best things, may not make the most noise. But when they have something to say, it’s usually worth hearing.

Wishing you a gloriously beautiful weekend and plenty of time to relax! Thanks for kicking it off with us!

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  1. Beautiful! I noticed texture in all of these pictures. Mirrors make them special too. :)

  2. Love it all…could totally live and dress in a sea of white and beige with no complaints:) Gorgeous examples of natural toned interiors, enjoy your weekend!!

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