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We’ve been Frances Schultz fans for quite awhile now. Her fabulous blog is just as charming as her idyllic Hamptons cottage. And now, the Bee Cottage that we’ve swooned over for years is available for your coffee table! Isn’t that just the best news? I had the distinct privilege of hearing Frances speak year before last about this gorgeous book, and to see it in real life is amazing! Frances’ story is such an inspiration, and the combination of humor, heart, and, of course, decorating advice, makes this an indespensible volume for any coffee table or bookshelf!  Congrats, Frances, on decorating your way back to happiness — and inspiring all of us along the way!

















To get your own copy, order on Amazon or through Frances! You’ll be so happy you took this journey with the fabulous Frances!

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1PicMonkey Collage

1PicMonkey Collage


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  1. Hi Ladies, Love this special place! So charming and fresh……what a beautiful outdoor living area too! Perfection!

  2. Hi Ladies! I have heard so many wonderful things about this book, lately! Now I can see why! Darling cottage. I’m headed over to Amazon to order a copy. Enjoy your week!

  3. anita rivera says:

    HELLO THERE! I was unable to get into your blog earlier this morning…..don’t know what the problem was but thank you so much for this ENCHANTING post. I have heard of this cottage and now I see where I’ve seen these photos before….what exquisite taste and luck this woman has had to share her home and passion….I hope to do the same one day! And are you enjoying your success with your novel? HOW SPLENDID!

    Enjoy a lovely summer day, Anita

  4. I’m so happy to hear this book has been published. From my first read of the House Beautiful feature years ago, I’ve loved her style and that cottage specifically. Thanks for the preview.
    Enjoy the week, my friends.

  5. Oh she is so incredibly talented and yet down to earth, relate to her completely!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

  6. Enchanting! . A must have book for sure!

  7. KRISTY AND BETH!!!!!! ‘Scuse me for shouting. Oh my heavens, thank you thank you thank you. Such high praise coming from you two fab ladies; and from you, Kristy, Madame Novelist. I am honored and humbled, but more than anything I am heartened by those who read my little book and are inspired by it — like Kristy’s characters Khaki and Jodi inspire all who encounter them.
    Bless you, Frances

  8. How absolutely charming and what a fun read! Looks Frances’ muddled her way to a beautiful home.
    C + C

  9. Well, my copy is on order and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive. I’ll probably be found sitting on the porch tapping my foot until the UPS man arrives here! Loved the preview!

  10. Such beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I’m so glad to see this beautiful home honored in a book!

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