House Tour: Leta Austin Foster

Few places on earth compare to Palm Beach when it comes to fabulous, over-the-top design.
But, if loud colors and bamboo furniture everywhere you look are all you equate with Palm Beach style, think again.
This stunning Palm Beach place is crisp, clean and even a little subdued at times.
This neutral palette with pops of blue is, to us, the ultimate in soothing shore decor. And we love the bamboo silverware.
These chairs are so pretty and add such a delicate feel to the room. We’re big fans of dark floors for contrast against a white table and chairs. Plus, bare dining room floors are just practical. Easy sweeping!
It really is those thoughtful touches that take a morning meal from simple to sublime.
Fresh vegetables are always a part of a well-appointed kitchen, ready for laid-back entertaining.
Twin beds are so chic, from kid’s rooms to guest rooms.
We love a chaise, but a comfy chair with ottoman can be just as good.
These lovely ladies prove that true fashion never goes out of style. And few places know style like Palm Beach. We hope you enjoyed today’s home tour. Thanks for visiting us!

Bamboo Blinds

Sullen Gregory Design
Our trip to the Beaufort house this weekend has us thinking about windows… 
Phoebe Howard Design
Mostly because the majority of the progress this time was new windows, new windows, new windows. (And the new casings, exterior wood siding, etc. that goes along with them!)
Phoebe Howard Design
All this talk about windows has us thinking about what’s going to go around those windows inside.
House Beautiuful
We can’t think of anything better to frame coastal views with than bamboo blinds! 
Mancini Design
Against a white or light colored wall or window, we love the dark, deep pop of the perfect shade of bamboo blind.
We adore bamboo blinds alone on a window where curtains won’t do.
Bella Mancini Design
Bamboo blinds are fabulous in a child’s room — especially when that child is small enough to want to pull up on curtains that reach the floor!
Nate Berkus
Our favorite use of bamboo blinds is in combination with white drapes — which is precisely what we think we are going to use in Beaufort. We love the idea of that kind of uniformity from room to room.
Brabourne Farm
Blinds are great for adding a sense of height and space to a room — especially when you hang them as high as possible!
The Decorologist
They may be great for creating privacy and shade, but we prefer our bamboo blinds pulled way up to the top of the window to let in the light!
We hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


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